Toilets/bathrooms in dreams
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#121:  Author: Obliverum PostPosted: Tue 04 Dec, 2018
this might be my favorite thread because i have weird toilet dreams all the time, especially for public bathrooms!

examples include:

-toilets or floor are very dirty
-toilet is covered in cloth or something else blocking it
-public bathroom where walls are missing
-public bathroom where every stall is being used, for all eternity
-two toilets per stall (and one is being used)
-two stalls per toilet (the toilet is very wide and someones using the other end)
-maze-like stalls where i have trouble getting to a toilet
-toilets are a shape too strange to use safely
-not sure if strange shape object is supposed to be a toilet or a sink or what

sometimes i dont care and am not embarrassed about the lack of privacy or strangeness, and sometimes i do. most often i wonder if its rude to use a connected stall when one toilet is in use, or something like that. theres never any lines and i never think to just wait until someone finishes up, like in a real bathroom.

i try to do an rc every time i go to a bathroom. its easy when im at home but i have a harder time remembering when im out and about, especially in a new place.

#122:  Author: Hallstrom PostPosted: Thu 06 Dec, 2018
I too have this reccurring theme in my dreams. Bathrooms/toilets are always difficult to find and/or very weird, but never dirty.
Walls are often missing or transparent, and sometimes the floor is tilted at a steep angle or the toilet itself has a bizarre shape.
Quite often the toilet is not in a bathroom at all, but in a large room with stairs and several doors that can't be locked.

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