Toilets/bathrooms in dreams
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#31:  Author: dreamergirl PostPosted: Fri 14 May, 2004
Most of the bathrooms in my dreams often have no privacy but none of them as I can recall weren't dirty. It can be embarassing though, especially if you want to go to the toilet in your dream!

#32:  Author: bza20 PostPosted: Fri 14 May, 2004
Ive had many dreams where im in a bathroom, and have been thinking of posting on this forum about it for ages...then today i find this topic...

In my dreams they (bathrooms) are never dirty, theyre elaborate like people have said, but mine are always or almost always some form of bathroom ive been in in real life. i never feel weird and i always do my business. Though i am always in a curious mood in the dreams -like something isnt right.

These dreams are the dreams that make me think im incapable of pickin out dreamsigns because ive had sooo many bathroom dreams.

#33:  Author: Zogger! PostPosted: Sun 23 May, 2004
heh, well here's an oldish topic. maybe it should be turned into the "BIG Toilet topic" wink5.

Anyway, I don't think I've ever actually used a toilet in my dreams. I did have nightmares about the one in my house though when I was younger, ocassionally. It only occured to me in the last couple o' weeks that this might be a semi-recurring nightmare that I used to have, Normally involving some monster living in there that grabbed you whilst... yes...
And something about hiding behind a bike, too.

More recently (within the last year or so) I had a couple of nightmares where I'd walk into the bathroom, and the lights won't work right. They might come on, but only to half strength, or the dim ones will come on, but the bright ones won't. It'd really feel like something else was controlling them, and it's scary at the time. Although normally when I have nightmares about toilets, it's because I need to use one. It's a bit ironic really, my body wants me to use it, but when I wake up I still feel scared about going in there. Crazy.

Actually, I'd go so far as to say that about all the nightmares I've had involve toilets, and the only dreams I ever have involving toilets were nightmares. So toilets == nightmares

heh. Still, hasn't happened in ages.

#34:  Author: dest PostPosted: Tue 01 Jun, 2004
It's a bit ironic really, my body wants me to use it, but when I wake up I still feel scared about going in there. Crazy.

:D:D:D cool...

I remember only 1 dream with toilet... I was in shop or so, and i went to the WC... I dont remember how toilets looked, but the sinks looked like that:

A normal sink, but above it there is on faucet, but a kid burried in wall in horizontal position, so only half of it can be seen meh... When you hit the button, the watter starts stream from the mounth of that kid... pretty strange i must say smile

#35:  Author: Petrarch PostPosted: Thu 30 Jun, 2005
I am glad to have found this topic, because I seem to spend half my dream life in public washrooms, and it gets annoying after a while.

#36:  Author: Stormthunder PostPosted: Thu 30 Jun, 2005
Wow! Very old topic! But I'll leave a comment anyway.

I've been told that all toilets are either unfindable or very dirty in dreams, now that I think about it, mine are, does everyone else find this or is this just some of us, and if everyone does find this is true, then does anyone know why?

So true, so true. At least for me. I hate dreaming about toilets, because it almost always means that I need to go in real life and once I start dreaming about having to relieve myself, I can't stop until I wake up. It's awful. Sometimes I realise what's happening quickly and wake myself up, but sometimes I stubbornly keep searching the dream world in the hope the urge will vanish until it gets really bad and I'm forced to drag myself out of bed. I detest getting up early, but it's even worse when a perfectly good dream is ruined because of a call of nature.

My toilets are absolutely disgusting. They're usually very dirty, yes, with lumpy seats and no toilet paper. But the worst part is that they either have no door at all or don't have a lock, or have that "half-door" lots of others have mentioned. It's the top half that's missing, so you can't see the important bits, but it's still impossible to go when someone could come in any moment and look at your face. In fact, I can't go at all and never have.

And then there are the times I can't even find them. Just yesterday I dreamed of searching for a bathroom in a shopping mall - I found the men's toilet immediately, but when I followed the signs for the women's, it was nowhere to be found! So frustrating.

#37:  Author: Kava PostPosted: Thu 30 Jun, 2005
I ate poop from a toilet once........ In a dream.

#38:  Author: Pancra85 PostPosted: Thu 30 Jun, 2005
aww, disgusting...
I never dream about toilets, maybe of beeing on some bathroom, but I didn't have to use the toilet

#39:  Author: waterfall PostPosted: Thu 30 Jun, 2005
I've never ever dreamed about bathrooms toilets and such.
Do you dream about them when you have to go to the loo???
Or is it random???

#40:  Author: Julian Iron PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul, 2005
It happens to me sometimes when i really have to go, i dream that i'm going... I can really feel the releave in the dream and when i wake up, i always fear that i actually went in my bed, but so far it never happened... wink

I think one of my first LD was because i dreamt i was going to the bathroom and the toilet sit wasn't there, i thought :" man, this can't be right !!" And i woke up...

#41:  Author: IvoryWolf PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul, 2005
When I was really little I used to have nightmares about toilets, they'd always try to eat me. I grew out of it, but sometimes I still have nightmares about them... meh

#42:  Author: Kashmir PostPosted: Sat 16 Jul, 2005
I remember a dream about a bathroom once, and it was awesome. I was in this giant public bathroom. Everything was crystalized or something (similar to frosted glass, I suppose). Each stall was its own private bathroom, complete with a sink and tub. I found a robot replicate of my friend, and it ended with a picture of an old house with a made-up Linkin Park song playing in the background. Weird stuff, but the dream itself was pretty cool.

Another bathroom dream I had was when I was around eight years old. I was in my school bathroom, hiding in a stall in my underwear. There was no door on the stall, and the teacher was calling from outside that it was time to go.

I also dreamed once about looking in the mirror in my bathroom. There were a bunch of green oozy boils on the side of my neck... grossss...

#43:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
In one dream I was in a changing room and the lockers were toilets. They were a bit bigger but it was still very difficult to squeeze inside and shut the door.

#44:  Author: The Dude PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
You know I can't recall a dream with toilets. I wanna try taking a leak in a dream now... must feel weird as hell. I've never had the urge to go to the bathroom in a dream either. I remember once I had a dream where i ate too much and was gonna be sick and I woke up to a stomach virus... but thats a different story.

#45:  Author: nightshade PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
A feaw days ago i had a dream where I was using a toilet, it was a bit weird cause I was sitting on it and pissing against the wall. It looked exactly like my RL bathroom but there was someone at the door watching me. After a while he got bored and went to the living room to watch tv.

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