Toilets/bathrooms in dreams
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#61: restrooms Author: mekkler PostPosted: Fri 05 Aug, 2005
Fortunately for me restrooms/toilets in dreams happens to be a trigger for lucidity. And the reason is because they usually appear so strange. Like, if I need to go, there will just happen to be a toilet or more likely urinal, right up against the wall in some public highly travelled area. Then I think, that's not very private, hey wait a minute...this is a dream. Another common restroom theme is I open the door to the restroom and there is a huge stadium sized room with hundreds of toilets and urinals on dozens of different levels and situated in random positions, like immediately inside the door. They are usually uni-sex bathrooms also. Once again, I love to see these, it means I'm dreaming.

#62:  Author: bink PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2005
I dream about toilets ALL the time. I drink a lot of water IRL, though, so there's usually a physical reason!

I often have trouble finding a toilet in dreams, and when I do find them, they're invariably dirty, or full of water all the way up to the top, or so high I can't climb onto them, or in a big room with no privacy, or in some other kind of public place. I think this happens to keep us from relaxing too much in real life.

The last LD I had was based on toilets. I finally found one that worked and was clean, but I checked my watch and it said 8888 so I got lucid and decided not to use that toilet after all. Woke up then, and used the real bathroom.

I am going to get a LED clock to put in my bathroom so I can do RCs without turning the light on. I have a wristwatch in there but I can't usually find it in the dark to hit the Indiglo button.

#63:  Author: Mighty7 PostPosted: Mon 19 Sep, 2005
Seeing a toilet in a dream is one of the worse signs you can have. If you use a toilet in your dream there is a ridiculously good chance you will use it in reality. If you see a toilet in your!!!!!!!

#64:  Author: kore kist PostPosted: Mon 19 Sep, 2005

kore kist, here, newbie,
anyway, i justed wanted to say when i was 12, away at summer camp, i had a dream that i was riding in a canoe. then i had to go pee, and walked carefully to the back of the canoe, and found there was a hole cut into the bench at the stern, and in the bottom of the canoe. so i pulled down my pants and peed like it was a toilet. then i woke up covered in warm urine, and my bedclothes soaked. i had not wet the bed since about age of five, and then it rarely happened. everyone was asleep so i managed to get all cleaned up without anyone noticing. if they had, i'd have been ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED.
ever since then, i never use the toilet in dreams.
i use the feeling of having to pee to lead into LDs...cause knowing i can't pee, i realize i can't CAUSE I'm DREAMING. and the pressure of my bladder makes me aware of my waking life body at the same time i'm identifying with my dream body.


#65:  Author: Patren PostPosted: Thu 06 Oct, 2005
More recently toilets have been in my dreams a lot. They are clean? maybe. I don't really remember them, though I do know they are almost always in a public place. One time it was in the cafeteria and the other time it was in the entrance to one of my old schools. If its an actual stall its usually more of an outhouse with a wooden door that is basically useless.

#66:  Author: svavarg PostPosted: Tue 18 Oct, 2005
i dream about going to the toilet alot but I always have two penises!!hahaha 8D

#67:  Author: Jack Rabbit PostPosted: Wed 19 Oct, 2005
Just a few months ago I wet my bed because of a toilet dream. But most of the time I use the toilet, I wake up dry.

I also remember a dream from a long time ago about a giant toilet designed especially for sumo wrestlers. It was about the size of a hot tub.

#68:  Author: Dark00stirfry PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2005
The last time that i encountered a bathroom the toilet was very clean. The bathroom, however, was flooded with shoes. I'm talking stacks. This was in my grandmother's bathroom and there is a limit to just how many shoes a woman can own, haha!
I was tripping over them and fell, ouch!

#69:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Mon 20 Mar, 2006
I have so many dreams with toilets in them, that I am going to have to start to do RCs everytime I see a toilet or even think about one! eek2

#70:  Author: Iluminada PostPosted: Wed 26 Apr, 2006
The ever so frustrating dream of the bathroom haunted me about a week ago.

I always have this incredible urge to pee. The one's that make you feel that if you touch your lower belly you can actually see your bladder. That's how bad I had to go and then someone decides to make my bathroom an open room with no doors, DCs that just hang around and encourage you to pee b/c no one cares and someone decided to set up their matress on the tub.

I hate bathroom dreams. But I laugh every morning after I have one.

#71: Re: dry beds Author: LadyBa PostPosted: Sun 30 Apr, 2006
PistGurl wrote:
I've had loads of dreams about toilets, one was in meadowhall, and I couldnt find it anywhere, and then i was suddenly there, and jennifer anniston was there...

Today i dreamt about toilets and Lisa Kudrow...

Maybe toilets and the cast of FRIENDS are related! grin

#72:  Author: Petrarch PostPosted: Sat 17 Jun, 2006
Argh! It happens to me all too often. I am amazed I have always woken up dry.

#73:  Author: MatrixManNe0 PostPosted: Sat 17 Jun, 2006
Lights in bathrooms NEVER work for me. Bathrooms are always dark and if I happen to be in a shower, it's always flooded...

#74: Toilets Author: spotted_zebra PostPosted: Sun 18 Jun, 2006
The only dream I can recall with toilets or showers was this one from when I was about 10... I was in a brick room and all on the ceiling were hanging toilets... Thank god they were empty... eek2

#75:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Mon 17 Jul, 2006
A few nights ago, I dreamt of some public toilets. There were lots of cubicles - atleast 10, most of them engaged. At the end of the room i saw some cubicles with the doors open. But there were no toilets inside them, just a stone tiled floor. They were empty and apparently ladies would sometimes use these when the toilets were busy. eek2

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