Uberman Sleep Schedule - You only need two hours of sleep
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#76:  Author: werefrog PostPosted: Sun 28 Sep, 2008
And....it didn't work. I just didn't have enough time to get into the schedule before college started; I kept sleeping through my alarm during the 6 am nap and waking up at like 11 am. I might try again Christmas break or next summer, but for now I'm just going to stick to my regular sleep schedule.

#77:  Author: Ang PostPosted: Mon 06 Oct, 2008
Rather odd... But, I've decided to try out this new sleep schedule. (Admittedly, not entirely for the REM/lucid benefits...)

Basically, my napping schedule will be, roughly, as follows:

1:00 AM
5:00 AM
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
5:00 PM
9:00 PM

I want no less than 3.5 hours between naps, and no more than 7 - between 4-6 naps 20-30 minutes long every 24 hours. (I need to still be a bit flexible because of work and class.) I realize the adjustment period is quite hellish and the side-effects somewhat permanent, so I want to give myself at least the rest of this week to prepare. My goal is to continue this sleep pattern for at least 1 month.

Think of all the extra time I'll have... I may even be able to finish Contage! for you guys before the year is over.

I'll keep you posted here and in my DJ when I begin this experiment.

#78:  Author: werefrog PostPosted: Thu 08 Jan, 2009
Well, after multiple false starts I've finally made major headway into starting this schedule. I'm on my third day sticking to it, all's good so far (in other words, I'm still alive lol). Since school started up for me again this week, I have to keep my schedule flexible, but I take my naps around 1:30 am, 5:30 am, 9:30 am, 1:30 pm 5:30 pm, and 9:30 pm. A minor downside is that I have to take my naps on the floor; my bed and couch are too comfy, I just sleep right through my alarm if I sleep on them. Since the naps are only 20 minutes long, I really have no problem sleeping on the floor; I'm not there long enough to get uncomfortable/stiff/sore. I'll get around to posting in my DJ about this eventually (right now I don't have access to my home computer).

#79:  Author: Ang PostPosted: Fri 09 Jan, 2009
Hey, Werefrog. smile

I'm glad to hear you are trying this out. I put myself through the polyphasic sleep schedule October-November of last year. And I did not exactly stick to it in a disciplined manner. I took it to lackadaisically. Gave myself too much room for error... i.e.: 'leeway'.

A bit of advice: Do not make the same mistakes I did... (For one, I didn't update very consistently.)

Aye, I should have slept on the floor, but something about a bed... that's so inviting.

The experience is interesting. It is definitely interesting. I think, if you can make it pass "Hell Week", you will enjoy yourself on this schedule.

Well, I wish you the best of luck on polyphase, Werefrog. ^^

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#80:  Author: wadadli24 PostPosted: Fri 09 Jan, 2009
How did it eventually workout? Did you feel tired and slughish at all? and how were your dreams? I cant imagine that this is very healthy

#81:  Author: werefrog PostPosted: Sat 10 Jan, 2009
Thanks for the good wishes Ang biggrin I'll try to be consistent (doing well so far).

I don't know if you're asking me or Ang, wadadli, so I'll answer you just to be on the safe side smile I'm on day four now of this schedule, I'm only slightly more tired than I am on a regular schedule, except for about 11 in the morning when I'm dead-dog tired. Luckily I have a class right then so I'm just the slightest bit motivated to stay awake lol. My dreams so far are either one of two types: 1- regular old dreams but a rather more vivid, and 2- it feels like I slip from conciousness into vivid daydreaming and then snap back into conciousness at the end of my nap, as though I hadn't slept at all except I feel very refreshed when I wake up. The second dream type is very close to lucid dreaming; I'm aware that I'm dreaming, but I'm not quite engaged in the dream, it's more like I'm watching from outside. I'll keep you posted.

#82:  Author: OddDreamingDreamer PostPosted: Fri 05 Feb, 2010
Hey guys, I'm going to do this sleep schedule!
Now don't recommend me against it, I just want to. Either way, I'm in college, so my sleep has been severely affected ever since I got to college. Last night I only slept about 3 to 5 hours, I'm not sure how many, and I find it hard to get to bed early (or sometimes, at all) due to the certain things like a demonic thing called calculus.
Right now I am going to skip this night to build up REM deficit, and am currently drinking an energy drink. I am also planning my sleep schedule to avoid conflicts with classes and working on a calculus homework for later today (midnight here, 7 30 the class) I want to give it a shot to see what happens, and to get more time to deal with calculus, since no matter how much I study I always seem to need more. I don't expect any failures in my scheduling, so once I have determined my hours, I'll stick to it.
I guess that since I'm pretty used to real messed up sleep schedules and many skipped nights, I believe right now I don't have my internal clock set to any explicit time, it's been almost a year since I stopped hitting the bed at an regular time.
Please do tell me how was it for you and any tips you may have.

Edit: I don't know what's up with this, but usually, when I skip nights, I tend to get reaaaally hungry. Perhaps not having dinner today has something to do, but oh well, it always happens when I skip nights. So far, I find it impossible to set my schedule with exactly 4 hours between every nap - classes make it impossible, but I'll get it around to something that should work.

Edit v2: Got it! it is possible to not conflict with classes, tough a nap is between the 1 hour break between 2 classes, but other than that no conflict at all, it's this times:
2:30, 6:30 and 10:30, both AM and PM. And my first nap is about to begin!

#83:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Fri 05 Feb, 2010
Please do tell me how was it for you and any tips you may have.

You should check out
On The Road To Überman - Aftermath
A DJ of a member's experiment with uberman.

#84:  Author: OddDreamingDreamer PostPosted: Fri 05 Feb, 2010
Well that was a nice experiment, I had already read it before posting, but regardless, thanks for your attempt.
I've just woken up from my first nap of the schedule, I think I overslept by 10 mins, but hey, I'm not gonna complain! Hit the bed @ 2:36, woke up at 3:07 (and I had set a 20 min alarm) I don't feel bad, nor particularly tired! Tough I'll probably tire a bit later, I have another nap right before my fist class of the "day".

I should open a thread for this alright.

Edit: I woke up REALLY hungry, probably since my last meal had been at 6pm and now it's 3am. I ate a bowl of cereal (my fav food) but it didn't do much, and then gulfed down what should equal a glass of REAL orange juice. I don't know the details, but I read somewhere that juices, fruits and veggies are excellent for uber-men.

Yet another edit: Dampit, no matter what I eat, I'm still hungry. I guess I'm eating small snacks from my under-stocked apartment, but once the time comes, I'll go to the cafeteria, that will be right after my next nap, which is within 45 mins. And it's kinda true you have plenty of time, tough, since I'm beginning, I still have plenty of accumulated stuff to do. It feels as I'm alone here and typing to myself, but c'mon, with nothing (interesting) to do (or do you think I enjoy calculus?), I'm posting a lot here.

Update: After a night of 3-5 hours of sleep, I have begun the uberman schedule officially. Had my first nap at 2:37 AM, overslept 10 min past 20, and now my next nap approaches. I'm not very tired, but occasionally yawn and kinda have the desire to just sleep for hours as if normal, other than that, so far so good. Oh and I don't know why but no matter what I eat it doesn't seem to fill me properly. I want to investigate about an uber-diet, as with this much time, it's gotta be easy and helps with sleep.

My last edit: I'm getting tired of editing this constantly since no one replies (and feel bad about it!) so I'm gonna open a blog and record my progress there, quite probable I might do it around every nap, perhaps after waking (tough I'm seriously started considering no one is actually reading this thread, nor even look at the blog)

#85:  Author: Adderad PostPosted: Wed 17 Feb, 2010
This looks pretty cool, nice read.
But yeah, i wouldn't really put 2 months to get used to that:P.

<edit>Don't stop!
Im reading your blog, really intresting.</edit>

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#86:  Author: flammee PostPosted: Thu 18 Feb, 2010
OddDreamingDreamer wrote:
Edit: I woke up REALLY hungry, probably since my last meal had been at 6pm and now it's 3am. I ate a bowl of cereal (my fav food) but it didn't do much...

This feeling of bottomless hunger (I actually feel it in bones of my limbs), I have it too when I cannot get no sleep. I googled it a bit, it seems that it's not natural hunger, but it comes from unbalance of some hormones, caused by lack of sleep. In my experience, there's two ways to overcome that kind of hunger. Eat a lot, for me it meant about one kilo of food, it felt like worst hunger ever until you suddenly feel bloated full. Second way of overcoming that hunger is to wait until feeling subsides. You may eat a bit, but don't trust that unnatural hunger, that will only make you get fatter.

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