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[WILD] Staying too conscience

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[WILD] Staying too conscience
PostPosted: Wed 05 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Well I've been trying to WILD for many months now and only recently think I have pinpointed my problem. I think I do not let my mind drift to sleep enough, I just remain perfectly conscience no matter how much I try. I remain conscience even when I focus on breathing, counting, the ringing in ear, and other things too. What could I do to drift to sleep, my mind just seems to think without me wanting it to when I try to focus on anything. Anyone have advice?

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PostPosted: Wed 05 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

i've got the same exact problem grasswar. My best advice to you: stop trying WILD. If you've gone at it for months with absolutely no success, then it should be obvious that it just isn't your thing. Try moving on to other things that involve less activity while falling asleep. Try more RCs during the day, more AutoSuggestion, more MILD, and even add in a little WBTB with those.

WILD is NOT for everybody, especially the people that have problems falling asleep even without doing a tech. So, just keep looking for other techs out there, and don't stress too much over any one method. The moment you do start to stress, just switch to another tech or take a break.

Hopefully this helps smile

oh by the way..something tells me you are going to have a LD tonight. Post back tomorrow with what you did in it!

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PostPosted: Thu 06 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

I also have problems falling asleep with WILD. If you do want to keep trying WILD. ( I do think that WILD would be great if I can get it to work grin ). You could take a break on WILD and just try doing some relaxation to sleep exercises so that you learn to fall asleep while you are working at falling asleep. Then maybe WILD will be easyer. I will be trying this for a while, because I am not only having problems with WILD, I am also just having problems with falling asleep sadblauw

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