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Funny thing about dream diaries...

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 25 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

When I used to just do keywords in a video game I play that has like a notebook command, this would happen all the time. But I stopped that and started writing them out completely, but just last night I wrote something down quickly, and it says.
"Where is ipedj" Or something. I think there is a t in there somewhere. Mayb ipedjt oh, (is looking at note now) maybe its ipeobjl. That doesn't help.

But the greatest nonsense is
"hamster on the river guns to school, non-existant 80 show maybe"

"stripping kungfu doberman and dauschands" is good too, but I know what that is talking about.

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Pshy psh psh...
just the colored stars
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PostPosted: Sun 25 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

Know what's funny? I never realized that most people (or at least a lot) get up in the middle of the night. Once I get to bed, I sleep like a log. I don't usually wake up unless someone shakes me really hard. My parents say that I've slept through storms and car accidents and really loud noises without stirring.


I started writing notes down in the morning so I wouldn't have to keep remembering all day. Now I can post on this topic- yay! Most of my stuff is remembered since I don't go back to sleep after writing them, but there's still a few things that are freaky.

Stuff from this morning...

-aliens/penguins/space train/P + L from FG/gassed


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PostPosted: Sun 25 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

a couple of days ago, i woke up from sleep and decided to write something down for the morning. Then i almost immediately fell back asleep. When morning came i didn't even remember writing something to my DJ. But during the day I realized "hey! didn't i write something in there?" So i went to look.
There was 1 sentence written wiht wavering handwriting. It was hard to read and it took few minutes to decipher. But that one sentence was "I am from Mou".
I was like WTF??? Why did i write this? And what was the dream?

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byline worm
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PostPosted: Mon 03 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

On September 19th, I woke up in the middle of the night, and I had had a cool dream, so I decided to write it down. I don't normally wake up in the middle of the night, so I knew I'd have forgotten it by the morning. Apparently I was right. Most of it makes sense, except for the two first lines - "glass message" and "convertible."

On the 24th, I did the same thing. The problem was that I tend to write down things people said in dreams first, because I like to know what they said word-for-word. The problem with this was that I didn't write anything else down. So all I remember is someone saying the thing, but not the context. The whole entry...

"I thought it was the blue one"
"it must really suck to be in her family

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Titan of Darkness
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

I try to keep my dream diary as detailed and accurate as possible. I am fortunate enough to have a high recall percentage and it helps a lot to have a photographic memory or even being able to visualize memories with the mind.
It IS hard to get up out of bed in the night (sometimes early morning) to write down 1 or 2 dreams. You're supposed to just lay there and remember them before taking any record. That takes a lot of concentration where you are just waking and wanting to go back to sleep, not focus on remembering some dream. I guess it depends on how much you want it.
Ordinarily my dreams will have at least one unique event that makes it worth remembering.
keep at those diaries though, you'll be glad you did colgate

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sat 03 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

Stirfry (or anyone)...I'm curious. I also have very high recall, detail-oriented, etc., & I'm wondering if you've had the same experience with journalling that I have: Now that I've been keeping up the habit very faithfully for a few years, the amount of writing I put down is growing to almost unmanageable levels. It is great to get so much info out of myself, but I'm often writing for an hour or so after waking in the morning. Three, four pages single spaced. This grew from just a paragraph or so at first.
Also, my hunch is that I am not so much remembering more details, but in fact remembering further back into the "plot" of that night. If dreams come in the units of "scenes," (like a minute-long or so experience in one setting more or less) it feels as if my recall has grown from 1 or 2 scenes at first, to something like 15 or so.

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

Once, i had woken up during the night and written one word on my mobile phone: "aqua". I never remembered the dream.

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