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The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part IV

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lucid lover
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PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

I have on occasions visited a city which I have created, though it isn't completely new I have just mapped loosely based on the city I live as I am not very good at creating a totally new place, as my imagination doesn't extend that far when I am asleep. Though it has some favourite things or places I like to go and I can meet people there I have seen elsewhere and I like to smoke weed and there is a coffeeshop like the type you find in amsterdam in this city. Most of my dreams tend to be in this city and whenever I come out of a building during a dream I recognise the place as I have been there before. It isn't like it is permanently the same it does change but only when I am lucid and I want to leave the current dream do I go there.
I am not the type of person to actually what to leave my dreams when I am lucid as my counscious mind is crap at making dream scenarios whilst i am asleep and my sub-counscious is a lot better at it, but it is enjoyable to watch yourself acting in the dream. I do sometimes leave the dream but if you have ever watched "the 13th floor" you know when the guy tries to reach the edge of the map he doesn't go anyway it seems like he isn't moving and there is nothing new in the distant well that is what it feels like when I leave a dream to pursue a goal or something else.
Though I do sometimes do find things, it isn't the same everytime.
Last night I tried something new, I tried the idea of inserting somebody completely new into a LD I met this girl I didn't recognise and I called her Barbie (like the Barbie doll) and she was great, also went in a strange lift that went to different places even though it felt like it was going straight down. I ended up have like 4 LD in one night all transforming and flowing to one another it was funny.

Also this I have written in another topic but I thought you might be interested in you hadn't already seen it;

In most of my dreams I can also rewind dreams and re-experience them. As I know when it is a dream and know the feeling of the experience I don't need to do RC's as whenever I am asleep. I sometimes use LD to do creative stuff but I don't normally do that till I need it, and most of the time I off on an adventure and something bizarre happens, but I enjoy the bizarre moments thats what makes them exciting. Lately I got some siberian Ginseng and that made me have some intense vivid dreams which were lucid. I am at a bit at my ends now as I have kind of exhausted every possibility and I am not sure what else to do. I do the flying and changing things around and changing myself, like I had lucid dreams as fish and as a scuba diver, but its now a case of whats left to do. I often put somebody I met in real life in my dream as an extra character. also I have done meditating in LD that cool you can see your astral aura its cool. Also been near the city of glass or light whatever you prefer I was high up and it was below, but looked great!

By the question of the topic of what you would like to do in a LD, I am not sure, I have exhausted everything I can think of, I suppose do the shared dream thing, but I don't know anybody around me who is interested as I am in LD and it is annoying, I often try to wake my friends up whilst they are asleep in my dream, by in a dream physically going out of my bedroom and opening their door and waking them up but nothing ever happens. My friend in amsterdam successfully managed a shared dream with a friend but she told me that it has to be like you are physically travelling there but in dream travel, the one problem I get though is as soon as I decide to leave and head to another persons room in a dream, I get distracted or I lose focus on what I am doing, or the image I see is reverted back to where I started.

I am sure I will work it one day, maybe its practise is what I need!

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PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

My recent thing that i would like to have in a dream would be me, being in this grasshill mountain with the sunset just on the overview and having Alexis Bledel in front of me kissing me with a breeze touching my face. Having a warm feeling with her both emotionally and physically.

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Basilus West
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PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Cynster wrote:
I am curious if anyone has successfully created a dream world with the look and feel of a cartoon and/or video game, especially one of a fantasy type (with fairies, elves, wizards, etc.). [...] If this has already been discussed, maybe someone could please point me to a topic? wizard

Cynster, I remember this topic:
Living in a cartoon world
In this topic, I gave in my reply two links toward cartoon LD's.

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Pshy psh psh...
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PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Time for an update! Things I'd like to do/have done....

||| = Haven't done it yet.
||| = Have done.
||| = Attempted but either have failed or haven't gone far with it.

1. Fly around.
2. Chat with DC's.
3. Watch dream television.
4. Scream a lot.
5. Run around naked.
6. Transform into an animal.
7. Try to explain the concept of lucid dreaming to a DC.
8. Find a ticket with winning lottery numbers.*
9. Find my Spirit Guide.
10. Eat food while lucid.
11. Go on LD4all. tounge2
12. Create things out of thin air.
13. Bring some friends into the dream.
14. Become famous again like in my Whose Line dream.
15. Create my own private island along with a mate. *ahem* grin
16. Make a clone of myself and have a chat.
17. Moon jump.
18. Fly in space.
19. Explore the general neighborhood. (most of the time I run around out back)
20. Teleport
21. Meet up with my one friend that I always have deja vu with and ask him where we first met.
22. Walk on water.
23. Change the weather.
24. Have a shared dream.

Probably a bunch of others, but my brain is too mushy to think right now. ^^

*The ticket had letters on it, so I couldn't really play the lottery. ><;

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Basilus West
Cat of Ulthar
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Try to explain the concept of lucid dreaming to a DC

LOL! I wonder what could be the result! lachtraan

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PostPosted: Sat 19 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Last night's LD was the only one where I actually tried something. Controlling the light by only thinking (It was sort of slow, as the light switched on and off 2 seconds too late), and flying (Totally effortlessly!).
But what I want to do is...
Fly more! flying
Fire a energy orb from my hand
Talk to a rock
Jump down from tall places without getting hurt
Have a Shared Dream
Go through a mirror
Lucid Dreaming is great!! :D

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 20 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

1) Throw me own head
2) Split into two separate beings
3) Stop time
4) Go back in time to relive things that happened to me before
5) Simply concentrate on staying lucid as long as possible

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Extreme escapist
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PostPosted: Sun 20 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

1.) Fly ... flying (I swear its like different everytime)

2.) Control the weather dark (this is a recent fave thing to do.. I made it snow in my last LD :D )

3.) Telekensis (love this... very fun)

4.) General exploration (I've found myself in very weird places in LD's)

5.) Look at the sky (last time I did it looked like the sky in the film gladiator, in the after life... it was strangely beautiful)

...hmmm... I can't think of anything else, if I do i'll add it later ^^

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byline worm
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PostPosted: Thu 24 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

This is something I've never actually done, but which I've decided to make my current LD project and/or motivation. First of all, a bit of background info and such:

On Sunday, I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Now, keep in mind that I LOVED Goblet of Fire as a book; it was definitely my favorite of the series. So nothing could really compare to the version I had imagined up. Needless to say, I had a rather mumbly grumbly time at the movie.

That night I was sitting in bed being bored, and thought to myself, I wish I could make a better movie. Too bad I can't, right? You know where this is going. I decided that I am, as soon as I gain a little control in my dreams, going to create a whole series of movie versions of the Harry Potter books. Everything will be exactly as I imagined it the first time, and it'll be even better than a movie, because I'll be able to watch from any perspective I want - from overhead, as a character, as a disembodied ghost observer. I'm seriously thinking about this - besides being fun, it would be a great way to improve dream control.

Now, if only I could actually get lucid, that would solve the main problem at hand. wink

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PostPosted: Thu 24 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

chambered_nautilus wrote:
On Sunday, I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Now, keep in mind that I LOVED Goblet of Fire as a book; it was definitely my favorite of the series. So nothing could really compare to the version I had imagined up. Needless to say, I had a rather mumbly grumbly time at the movie.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrghh. Don't say that, I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

chambered_nautilus wrote:
I decided that I am, as soon as I gain a little control in my dreams, going to create a whole series of movie versions of the Harry Potter books.

That's my hope also wink

I would really like to visit Hogwarts in my dreams (LD even better) as I haven't seen Hogwarts yet ^^

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Here is a list I had recently composed for my own site, that I'm just going to copy and paste here. A few of the ideas come from these topics though. (just using code to preserve the sub's) I know it could be organized better, but it's still a WIP with no particular organization scheme.

# Play with a mirror. I hear those are always fun.
    * Figure out why I always get the sensation I’m being watched when around them
    * Go through one, see where I end up
    * See what I look like in one
# Sex
    * Feel sex through both sexes at the same time (ultimate narcisism lol)
# Morph into an animal
    * Sheer primal instincts
    * Feel how the fur/tail/wings move and react to my thoughts
    * Truely see through the eyes of my animal
# Morph into oposite sex
    * This kind of plays into my other idea. I also once had a dream I was suddenly turned into a girl. Quite an exciting dream really, I’ll have to sit down and remember it someday and type it up here
# Morph into a plant or tree
    * Experience Photosynthesis first hand
    * Just feel the sun, and myself as a tree
# Question everything and what it represents
# Paint my own dreamscape (ala Holodeck)
# Play around with my sky’s
# Go on adventures
# Play a more realistic version of a game such as Half-Life or Unreal
# Turn negative to positive. Demand a gift from my nightmare enemies after defeating them (stolen right off of LD4ALL)
# Fly!
# Explore my dreamscapes
# Teleport
    * Elevator Technique
    * Spin around
    * Door Technique
# Show off
# Freeze time
# Magic (ala Charmed)
# Something cool from the Matrix
# Fight
    * Swords
    * Lightsabre
    * Samuri Style
    * Soal Calibur X
# Become a fish
# Rain, Rain, and More Rain (Sex in the Rain? I love rain)
# Cartoon world (ala Family Guy. Funny show)
# Attempt to string it into an OOBE
# Roller Coasters
# Talk through real-life body while still dreaming
# Fly through the internet, check out all the pr0n on my computer (leading to sex maybe?)
# Talk to Max (best dog I've ever had, who had to be put down because he had a rather large tumor on his rear.)
# Jump in toilet for a nice game
# Make up a super elaborate maze that goes nowhere at all
# Kill Nick just for the fun of it (little brother)
# Implant false memories, and/or remove bad or old memories that I don’t like too much
# Try to change stuff in my subconsious
# Serial Experiments Lain
# Explore the Sea
# Firefly/Serenity (Awsome show/movie)
# Use the phone (Does it work? Who’s calling? Do I care?)
# Interact with the real world (don't know why, just want to)
# Read stuff, see what they tell me
# Play with buttons (Seems like a fun idea to see what a button does in a dream)
# Walk around naked in highly public places (from school to New York)
# Do stuff with music
# Grow new body parts and just feel how they work and interact
# Medevil Battle
# 360 Degree Vision
# Create “aditional” senses
# Know, and conqour my biggest fear (and demand a gift afterwords)
# Ask myself 40 years from now if I got my email (email time capsule thing)
# Meet Death, and Fear (nothing to fear but fear itself?)

Last edited by dude2425 on Sun 27 Nov, 2005; edited 1 time in total
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Flying Rock!
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Hey, Dude, I like that list, so I've been inspired to compose my own. It is below.

Things to do in a lucid dream:
1. Fly (not like a bird, I have my own ways).
2. Burrow.
3. Eat incomprehensible amounts of food and finally beat that japanese guy in the gluttonbowl.
*win against the japanese guy and vomit in his face.
*Lose to the japanese guy, and vomit in the face of defeat.
4. Climb a very very large tree.
*Maybe murder fear of falling from tree?
*Rock climb.
5. Use the powers that I don't yet know how to use in real life (I.E. control of fire, water, wind, earth, temperature.)
*Shoot cool energy blasts like that kid from Final Fantasy Advent Children.
6. Burn down things....Like buildings and things (pyro arsenist?)
*Burn down forests and set fire to the oceans using lots of thick, noxious oil.
7. Hunt down people in the woods rambo style.
*Hnt down animals, rambo style.
8. GIANT SUPER SOAKER GUN WITH LASER GUIDED WATER MISSLES AND 3,000,000,000 PSI pin-point fire power! And a city full of clones of my friends draait.
9. A big belt with lots of grenades.
*A big belt with lots of buttons hooked of to giant bombs that are burried under real nice houses.
10. Break things. Lots of things like computers, windows, cars, glass houses and etc.
11. Walk around a crowded area with a caddle prod and a flame thrower.
12. Change into different things like animals and plants.
13. Change into cool monsters.
*Rampage through a city as a monster and kill/break/eat everything.
14. BULLET TIME FUN! Of course there would have to be people trying to kill me with swords and guns, though (bullet time while walking somewhere would just get annoying).
15. Speed of time in combination with the bullet time.
17. Run through a crowded city of people trying to kill me LOADED with guns and grenades.
18. Summon up Poama (girl from a dream I had before).
*Talk to Poama.
*SEX with Poama.
*SEX SEX SEX WITH POAMA (unbeleivably hot/beautiful)
19. Sex as the opposite sex.
20. Sex as animal.
21. Revisit a few dreams that I keep rehaving and find out what the %$#@ is so special about them.
22. Create some bad dreams, seeing that natural ones are rare if any nowadays, then conquer it and give myself a hug.
23. Jump in a pool of...
*Chocolate milk
*Coffee Milk
*Orange Juice
24. Eat as much junk food as I want withoutn gaining a pound.
25. Look around.
26. Read some stuff.
27. Touch some stuff.
*Environments connected to muscles (flex a muscle, and environment changes color shape, completely.
29. Screw around with the environment, period (like, just grab some random space, create a stick, and reel in space and ETC.)
30. [mod]no, this is not acceptable[/mod]
31. Talk to random dream characters.
32. Ride some animals around. Like, ride a cat along the highway going sixty.
34. Witness a supernova/hypernova.
35. Visit the pillars of creation.
36. See what it's really like in a black hole.
37. Create multiple moons in the sky (pretty damn beautiful) then detonate them so as to harness their shockwaves and LEVEL citys in seconds.
38. Witness celestial bodies (moons) colliding.
39. Watch a star being swallowed by a black hole.
40. Weather control.
41. Farm little cute creatures.
42. Large scale destruction through samll scale models. (Like when that guy from War Craft where he raises that small foot tall sand tower from the ground and crush it, then the big wooden watch tower in the distance explodes like the sand model did.

Those are in no particular order and, I'll eventually make it to 50.

Last edited by Animahngo on Mon 28 Nov, 2005; edited 1 time in total
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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

oh, I better start a list, yay! :D

- To fly better and faster
- Jump through a mirror
- Have an intellectual conversation with a monkey (he must have glasses, imagine it grin )
- Make my own world, BIG world
- Find my Spirit Guide
- Have a party with DC's
- Turn DC's to animals
- Ask a DC's about the meaning of life
- Visit the Land of the Dead
- Bring the true vikings back to life

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Titan of Darkness
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PostPosted: Mon 28 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

man you people are violent, every other word i read is "fight" or "kill" jeez.

i would like to go on a fantasy adventure
build an airship in rapid real time
shapeshift into a lot of animals. Cats, dogs, wolves, birds, etc.
shapeshift into beasts and dragons.
shapeshift into evil beings and demons.
Fly on a steed like pegasus, griffin and wyvern, other dragons.
Fly with wings.
Cause usual chaos and terror amongs the DC's and then let them know i was just having fun and re-materialize their home.
Meet all the characters i have created, up close and personal and have discussions about them.
Wander about the world of Eden i have created with my new buddies
Fly in the skies of Eden on my airship with my fellow pirates and travel from town to town to rape, pillage, cheat, steal, and murder my weasely black guts out.

that's all i can think of for now. colgate

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

I would fly, have sex, and have sex flying.

Ha. Well actually yes. But who doesn't want that. I would also like to see some super powers, and just explore the dream world, my own mind. Maybe even use it for something usefull, like getting to understand myself better.

A question: I heard you can do drugs in dreams, and they have the same effect, or somewhat different. But if you havn't done heroin (I really hope you didn'tturn3) then it would feel like weed for example).
To get to the point: if you are a virgin, how would sex feel in a lucid dream? Like jacking off? ^___^ lol.

just.. wondering

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