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When I wild I hear this song

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When I wild I hear this song
PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

When I hit the HH state of my sleep the sounds I hear sound EXACTLY like the song "One of these days" by the band Pink Floyd.

Its very very odd. The thing that's odd is I found this out before I even heard the song. Once I heard the song I was dumbfounded, and the voice in that song is what the "demonic voice" I hear in my dream sounds like.

There is only one line in that song, its "One of these days" but that's what the demonic voice I described sounded like.

Is there any reason why this could be?

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Mond Tanz
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PostPosted: Mon 05 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

There is the possibility you have been somewhere and the song has been playing in the background, but you were too busy to really listen to it.

That song may have stayed in your subconscious and for whatever reason you hear it when you WILD.

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PostPosted: Fri 09 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

does it always happen?

ive heard songs while in that state before... but it doesnt always happen.
Once i heard a Led Zeppelin song and I was thinking "wow my brother must be playing Led Z and i can hear it from his room"
then when i woke up, there was no music at all.

Another night I feel asleep with the show Seinfeld playing (i had a few episodes playing on loop), I woke up that morning, but only in yself, not physically awake. And I could hear Seinfeld playing, I could hear the characters talking and the laughter of the audiance... i thought sheesh its been on all night.
I woke up and it was off.

Believe me, we are hearing it from somewhere, someone is playing it in maybe the astral plane or somehting and coz we are in that state we can hear it.

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