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Learning to fly in LD's

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Basilus West
Cat of Ulthar
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PostPosted: Wed 31 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

I've merged a lot of topics about flying troubles and learning to fly. Now it makes a big Learning to fly topic! smile
I merged yours into it so you can find more tips.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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how bout the power of flight. That do anything for ya? -JB
PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

i always had problems remaining in the sky once i took off...shortcuts deffinatly help. once i thought of having jet powered shoes i was really zooming around...another time i tried riding a flying dog...not as effective...hahaha

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King of Meow-Meows
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PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

First time I tried to fly in a LD I tried the superman technique 'cos he makes it look so easy. It didn't work.
I finally managed to take off from the ground by believing that I would levitate and then I got higher by swimming through the air. I got up to twelve feet off the ground.
The key is to believe. I was always skeptical of supermans flying technique. It's clearly got more to do with smoke and mirrors and clever filming than actual flight.
Silly superman.

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Dream Cartographer
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PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

I have had 4 LD so far and in all the previouse ones I could only get off the ground a few feet before I fell but last night I tried flying a different way (other than the standard superman style) with my hands at my side(Like Neo) and by imagining energy coming out of my feet and I was able to fly at extreme speeds which was a rush in it self but I found the main rush the fact that I could "Feel" this energy rippleing from the soles of my shoes.

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Sandman Trainee
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PostPosted: Sun 30 Apr, 2006  Reply with quote

Hi guys!

Although i'm an absolute ld-noob i discovered a method that worked perfectly for me in my ld no.2:

I'm standing on a skyscraper and would like to jump over to the next skyscraper which is quite far away. At this moment i remember a cartoon series which i enjoyed very much as a child, "inspector gadget" grin1 (i think there's a movie too with mr. broderick). And the next thing i do is summon that cool hat-helicopter-thing on top of my head. It's got two handles to grip and makes a funny noise (like a lawnmower) -- and it works perfectly! In fact, it has such a power that i'm above the clouds in a jiffy!

Maybe that can help sby Lucid Dreamers Unite

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