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LD4all Quest #4: Resonant Moon: Finding Lost Memories

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PostPosted: Sat 25 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

what a powerful poem nick smile good luck in exploring that further smile

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Qu has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Wed 08 Mar, 2006  Reply with quote

Thank you all for participating again ^^
This Quest has now been locked. That doesn't mean you can't do it anymore ofcourse, you can always do it on your own and write your experiences in your DJ ^^


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PostPosted: Sat 24 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

Finally I can add this!


I pulse in order to know
Realizing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of abundance

Nightmares' Backstory

I stood in a large vehical and looked over everything. It was all made of an orange plastic material, though the seats were cushioned. This had been made especially for me, and the man in charge asked me to name any changes I would like made.

Well, for one, there were egg-shaped indents in the walls with two seperate windows to look out of for driving. I suggested that all the chairs (for the passengers) should be curved in an oval way as well. My guide said that it would be done immediately, and to sit down. I had expected the chair to be uncomfortable, but it was the softest, best-ever-treatment-for-the-back cushion I had ever rested on. siiw It curved as I relaxed, and soon the others copied the shape as well.

Whoo! Lucid for no apparent reason! 8D I took a good look at the man and saw that he had thinning brown hair and a camoflage sweater with brown pants. He looked to be a hired... not servant, more like a lower-ranking officer. I swear I have never seen any Star Trek shows.

"Ah, another guide," I said.

He nodded as if it were already common knowlage and asked if I would like anything. The thought struck me like a lightning bolt- ask about my nightmares! =D He brought me over to the egg-shaped indent at the left side of the ship. Looking through the glass, I realized we were actually underwater! :D

He looked at it and used his mind powers to turn the window into a television screen. The camera angle zoomed in and I was transported back to my very first nightmare. It was... beautiful. eek2 I was on a tropical island, all alone, and the sun was beating down heavily. The dream, to be honest, was my paradise. Back then I had no friends, so a place to be alone and have all the fun I wanted was a fantasy. Now I can't stand to be away from my buds.

I went *dun dun dunn* swimming in the ocean and could breathe perfectly fine underwater. At the bottom was a large metal device. It was anchored below the sand, and it went up a half foot. In actuality it was a sort of cage, with rounded sides and a grated top.

Without thinking of the consequences and with the innocence of a 5-year-old, I looked inside. Staring back at me a gigantic red robotic eye. It showed me, but I figured there was nothing to be afraid of as long as I was in charge. So, with that same naive quality, I started playing with the locked chains at the side. Little did I know I was about to open up a jumbo-sized can of worms.

The enclosure nearly exploded, for lack of a better word. The links in the chains flew everywhere, and literally thousands of monsters flew out at a thousand miles per hour. They all had different looks to them, zombies and robots and aliens galore. Everything spewed out at once and I was pushed back with such a force that I was probably woken up the first time I had it.

*transport out of scene*

I was outside the ship at the location of the metal box. It was still broken open, and the chain parts littered the ocean floor. Tiny orange fish swam back and forth, which I found to be a bit distracting. In fear of waking up prematurely, I ordered them to stop and they froze in midwater.

"Ahh, much better," I said.

My new guide picked up a link and handed it to me.

"This," he started. "Is a memory. A lost memory to be exact. See, every time you forget something, another monster is born. To get rid of your nightmares, you must retrieve the things you lost. Capeesh?"

"Capeesh," I replied.


My home room classroom from 5th grade was the same as the day I left it. A small boy with poofy blonde hair stood at the front, in front of the teacher, introducing himself.

"Clifton!" I whispered.

I remembered him. He was a very quiet young man that had been new to our school in the middle of the air. I showed him around and was his first friend to the place.

*transport back*

KC had joined the scene and was smiling at me. He said I was doing very well and to keep up the good work. Right as I was about to move on to my next memory, I heard...

(the Toredor 1 tone from my phone)

FA - Dang it, Bruno!

Brune had sent me an SMS and I fumbled with my phone drowsily. The message read:

Brune wrote:

Rarely is it 4 through 7pm and I'm not at work...

Neat stuff, eh? I both completed the Quest AND got an answer to why I was terrorized at night so much.

Oh, and btw, in case you were curious, he didn't really send me a message IRL. (I checked-- that was how loud it was. tounge2 )

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PostPosted: Fri 21 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Another Moon Quest completed by me! I almost have the complete set! grin My "Lost Memories" weren't too good, but the idea was to let the SC give you "something" and it did. Maybe the fact that I watched my Lost Memories in a movie theatre changed things.

Click Here to Read my "Lost Memories" Dream!

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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jun, 2007  Reply with quote

"A Fragmented Sea
Status: Low LD

I was walking along the beach. It was sunset. I was tired, and about to take a rest, when I looked at my hands -- they were cobwebbed with some kind of enchanted sea rope mixed with kelp. Either way, this snapped into reality -- I was dreaming. I decided at this point I wanted to experience something more spiritual than my past lucid dreams, so I dumped in the water and thought, "Subconscious, throw whatever you feel at me!"

I leaped into the water, and it soon turned to a beautiful ruby color; under, it was as if a ruined city was there. I began to swim towards it, and six or more panels appeared around me; I felt -- although willingly -- frozen to the spot. These panels began to sound and vibrate, and images -- all changed -- appeared. These were memories I had forgotten, and ones I can't remember since I woke up. And in the last one was one of my best friends. [private thought; I'd preffer not to disclose yet. ]. "

Exerpt (without code) from my Dream Diary. I'm starting to recollect just a tiny bit of those memories. tounge1

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