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MILD helps my dream recall, but no LDs yet...

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MILD helps my dream recall, but no LDs yet...
PostPosted: Sun 13 May, 2007  Reply with quote

Sorry If I'm not supposed to post this here but this is my first post. overspannen

I've had LDs naturally, but it's only been less than a week since I learned that other people have them and that there are ways to induce them. I was very excited, because I love LDs. ^^

I've been trying MILD for about 4 nights now. The first was only attempted before I fell asleep ontime without WBTB, but since then I've been using a MILD/WBTB combo method. I've found that I've been having elaborate dreams and recalling them vividly when normally I would only recall bits and pieces of my dreams. Is it normal for LD induction methods to increase DR without giving you LDs? Does this mean I'm on my way to a LD? Any input would be appreciated.

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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sun 13 May, 2007  Reply with quote

it could be a psycological thing. You could be, without knowing it, thinking, "I'm trying to get LDs tonight so I'm gonna remember my dreams! YEAH!" or something.

MILD can be used to boost dream recall, so yeah, it's probably a side-effect of doing it. Erm.... I'm not too experienced with MILD so I'll let someone else take over...

Erm.... I don't think DR has much relation to the likelyhood of an LD. But dream recall is good, because if you have an LD, you remember it!

good luck on your LDing!

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PostPosted: Wed 16 May, 2007  Reply with quote

The more dreams you can remember, the better chance you have at identifying dream signs. The better your chances at identifying dreamsigns, the more likely your are to have a lucid dream.
Just wanting to have a lucid dream is often enough to increase dream recall - by practicing various LD techniques you're essentially telling your subconscious "dreams are important to me" which can be one of the main messages you need to get through to recall your dreams in detail.
Good luck with it! ^^

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