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Immortality through Lucid Dreams.

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windmill tilter
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PostPosted: Thu 19 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

Someone's been watching waking life. I think it's been pretty well established that dream time and waking time is almost identical, even if it seems you dreamed a really long intricate in a minute, you probably didn't. And even if you could have 100 year dream in 10 minutes, you'd still be dead in 10 minutes. Believing in Jesus is the safer bet.

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Pet of Rashagal
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PostPosted: Thu 19 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

You said it.

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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Thu 19 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

I don't think it has been exactly Established that dreams ALWAYS follow clocktime. I have in fact only heard of one experiment on the subject. Yet I've heard of many people claiming to have had extended dreams. I wouldn't call every one of them a liar or a fool. You may say it's not really 100 years of "time" whatever that means. But if it really seems to the dreamer that it was, even if impossible, then the technicalities don't matter. A dream is what it seems to be right?

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PostPosted: Mon 29 Jan, 2018  Reply with quote

Datameister wrote:
I didn't know that the brain remained active so long after death. If this is true, I suppose it might be possible to become lucid in this time and prolong the experience, perhaps even for hours or weeks (or years...?). But of course immortality can't be reached this way. Immortality is the state of living forever, and your brain cannot fit an infinite amount of thought into ten minutes. Don't forget that dreaming is a physical process in the real world--electrical signals have to fire, chemicals have to get to the right places.

I know that there are theories about the nature of "prolonged" dreams--namely, that our brains prolong dreams by leaving out time periods that we deem unimportant, as television does. So some of you may be thinking that this process would allow us to dream for a seemingly infinite amount of time. But infinity wit gaps is still infinity. Think about if you took all the numbers that exist--you'd have an infinite amount of numbers, right? Now let's say you took out all the numbers with 2 included as a digit. You'd still have an infinite amount of numbers.

Unfortunately, this means an infinitely long dream simply isn't possible in a finite lifetime. So immortality? No. Seemingly prolonged life? Perhaps. We'll never know until we get to try it ourselves. wink5

I hate to be the one to bump an ancient thread, but you CAN have a bounded infinity, mathematically speaking. That is, there can be an infinite amount of numbers that is bounded on both sides. For example, there is an infinite amount of real numbers between 1 and 2.

As it pertains to lucid dreams in a finite time span, the number of “dream seconds” would have to be at the bsre minimum bounded by how many planck time lengths there are in ten minutes, so eternal immortality is not possible. Furthermore, it would have to be bounded by the minimum size of the electrical/other components of a thought, and in term bound by how long it would take a light beam to pass by one, multiplied by how many times this could occur in the space of the active brain and the time limit in the real world.

Pretty wordy, but basically living eternally in a lucid dream isn’t possible if dreams only occur in the physical mind, however, the actual limit to how long you can make the dream feel could be very long, depending upon how physical boundaries compare with what actually goes into the smallest unit of thought, whatever that is.

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