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The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD topic - Part V

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

I haven't had any LDs, yet, but what I WANT to do...

First things first, I will make an object (form probably doesn't matter) and implant it into the back of my hand. I will then inform the object that it is to remind me that his is a dream. Then I will will myself into knowing (not believing) that this object will be in all of my other dreams, in my hand.

IF that works, then I will have much more time in my soon-to-be-upcoming LDs.

In which case, my list starts small:
1. Fly
2. Ask my subconscious various questions
3. Play my own personal videogame (I have no idea what it is, I expect my subconscious to invent one as I play, making sure I stay interested. It will probably be virtual reality. tounge2)
4. Polymorph
5. Experiment with adding limbs (I've had normal dreams with these. The most recent one I had four arms, and I could control three but not the other, which was dead weight. I wonder why...)
6. Chat with DCs
etc. etc.

<_< >_>

*saves list to a txt file*
*mentally puts the file in his pocket, to be removed during LDs. :D*
oh, and *starts writing copyrights for the "reminder stone", in case it works*

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Staring into space..
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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

ok, well one of the first things i want to do is,
Revisit this dream i have been having since i was litttle, i must know what its about, its kinda a nightmare but when i wake up i can't remeber anything except a mess of colours and a few indiscribable scenes,
other then that i woud quite like to practice using magic( like the FF games) as it didn't exactly work last times
and maybe manifest my SC as a person and try to find out more about myself

oh and ofcourse flying :D although ive done that many times its still fun :D

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

What I intend to do, when I get that elusive first LD i-n-p-o:

-Create gigantic flying ships (think Skies of Arcadia and similar) and stage huge aerial battles.

-Walk out on a vast, empty field, with only grass and clear, sky as far as the eye can see. Then, drawing a deep breath, raising my hands and start creating a world Fantasia-style. (That old Disney movie where Mcikey stole the wand, and then the brooms came etc etc)

-Recreate the sci-fi world I´ve created for a comic, along with all the concepts (think 50m high trucks, giant submarines, mammoth battles between aliens and humans, gigantic energy cannons and so on...yes, I AM obsessed with large machinery)

-Recreate previously mentioned mammoth sci-fi battle with myself as a soldier, complete with the machanical suit and big automatic rifles...and open up one big can of whoop-*** wink5
Of course there would be interaction on a larger scale, aerial bombings, tanks and artillery hammering away. Chaos.

-Another mammoth battle, but a fantasy themed one...with big magic, otherworldly creatures, mighty champions and of course...One BIG dose of Metal to top it off tounge1

-Using magic to play with nature, the sky and the oceans. Think massive lightshows tounge1

-Create an underwater city

-Try particular kinds of vehicles, like ultra-fast cars and fighter jets

-Become "one" with the music - hard to explain what I mean, but a friend of mine who is quite adept at lucid dreaming tried this once when I asked him to, and he said it was one of the most powerful experiences he´s ever had.

-Take on another form - anything and everything from cats and birds to werewolves and dragons wink5 especially a dolphin is something I look forward to.

-Do spiritual research - meet guides, look into past lives etc.

-Experiment with different ways of making myself "more powerful" - that is, "surging" myself to become stronger, faster and so on.

-Basically play God with the universe, creating whatever I want with the sway of a finger - an artist´s wet dream tounge1

Sword duels, flying, playing with a starry winter sky, play out a film noir story complete with narration and all, explore vast fantasy and sci-fi worlds, re-enact certain games, try out andvanced levels of martial arts, play out stories I´ve written to see how I should continue them, meeting (and battling) characters I´ve created etc etc....

I could fill a book tounge1

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

I remember when I was little that I would bring my fingers close to my eyes and imagine that I was squishing stuff. Playing with perspective like that would be fun to do in LD's

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Do a Rawr-C!
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Re: ...
PostPosted: Sat 01 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Nightwish wrote:
-Become "one" with the music - hard to explain what I mean, but a friend of mine who is quite adept at lucid dreaming tried this once when I asked him to, and he said it was one of the most powerful experiences he´s ever had.

Sounds interesting! I wanna try it. :D I wonder how I'll go about doing this...

I fused with someone once. That was kind of funny.

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I wike bunnies!
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PostPosted: Tue 11 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Even though I haven't had many lucid dreams, I still have some favourite things to do in them.

1. Have sex with any DC that walks by me
2. Attack people
3. Have 360 vision and an ability to see everything from a bird's eye view

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 12 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Right let's see

1. Kill my most hated enemy JOSH VARTY! I hate him so much! (Now if only i could do it in real life)

2.Have passionate sex with hot women

3.summon up an army of daemons and destroy humanity!

4.kill myself to see what happens

5.Walk through a mirror

6.transform into animals and/or mythical creatures

7.Become a ghost and haunt a house

8.Eat at the finest restaurant imaginable

9.Duel with swords or fists

10.get into a bar fight

11.turn invisible and scare people in a shopping centre

12.go through my memory and watch a production of Les Miserables again

The list goes on and on so i'm not posting it all here... yet.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 12 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

1. Use different superpowers to impress my friends
2. Makeout with my crush
3. Mess with DC's
4. Make an auto exhaust flame thrower
5. Nuke the whitehouse
6. Fight in a war
7. Look into past lives

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Kekekeke zerg rush!
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PostPosted: Sun 16 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

1. Transform into a dragon.
2. Burninate pedestrians.
3. Fly.
4. Get rid of my fear of the water.
5. Talk to my SC.
6. Talk to my RP characters.
7. BE my main RP character. XD
8. See the worlds my subconscious can make. ^^

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dream lover
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PostPosted: Wed 19 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

What I want to do in a LD ^^:

1) shared dreaming and prove it!
2) astral travel
3) telling a DC he has to make me lucid all the time
4) Transform in animals, anime's etc...
5) Discover the ocean
6) swimming with dolphins
7) Meet Shakira :D ^^
siiw look at past lives
9) have powers like telekinesis etc...
10) I want to have hundred lessons chemistry, it's my favorite subject
11) Colour my hair and see how I look like
12) Play inside Ps2 games haha
13)kill a girl from my school
14) Go to Hogwarts
15) and euh pirates of the caribbean
16) Redo my favorite dream
17) Become famous
1siiw Become a witch
19) Go to DBZ, I like Gohan
20) Pokemon too ^^
21) overcome my arachnofobia (fiercly afraid of spiders) It controls my life cry
22) Meet my SG
23) eat sushi siiw
24) make my own movie
25) Kiss with my teacher chemistry

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 21 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

1) Fly (In the Neo style )
2) Meet my Dream Guide
3) Talking to my DCs and messing with them a bit
4) Fight Superman
5) Create a pill that makes me last longer in LD
6) Make some DCs that are film characters, eg. Gandalf, Sauron, Snape
7) Become a Jedi ^^
siiw Become an Evil Superman (I stole that idea off someone on here I think)
9) Morph
10) Create a half troll half elf
11) Change my appearance into something strange
12) Give myself wings, preferably metal ones
13) Get a guy eaten by tigers, I really don't like the guy in mind
14) Go to Hogwarts and Minas Tirith
15) Defend Minas Tirith and Helm's Deep
16) Redo my favorite dream
17) Go vampire hunting with Angel and Buffy
1siiw Perform on stage for a massive audience, I'd perform The Tide or Who's David
19) Be invisible in the zoo so I can go to the animals upclose
20) Have a life like Pokemon to defend me
21) Fly to another world or teleport there and explore it
22) Have a really long LD
23) Eat some strange things, like a hammer
24) Live in the Harry Potter world and go to school with them throughout the books :D :D :D
25) Have sex with my French teacher and IT teacher (I love them tounge2 )
26) Out play a professional in their sport
27) Be in the battle in the Troy
2siiw Be part of the X-Men, I'm not sure what my power would be
29) Walk into Mordor by myself and kill everyone
30) Set off a bomb in a street and be the only survivor
31) Ride on a Dragon
32) Have a Dragon as a DC who comes with me everywhere called Eudoras
33) Witness the death of Jesus Christ
34) Watch the following fights:
- God V. Satan
- Mace Windu V. Darth Maul
- Anakin Skywalker V. Darth Maul
- Aragorn V. Sauron
- Aragorn V. Witch-King
- Jack Sparrow V. Will Turner that ends in a death
- Maximus from Gladiator V. Achilles from Troy
- Hector from Troy V. William Wallace from Braveheart
- Chris from Charmed V. Wyatt from Charmed
- A Bear V. A Polar Bear
- A Balrog V. An Ent
- A dragon V. Spiderman
35) Create my own World
36) Have a headquarters where I can go in any LD
37) Swim in a pool of milk
3siiw Swim in a pool of Pepsi

That's it for now.

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On-top of LD chicks
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PostPosted: Sun 23 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

- Kill my Dream Guide
- Kill my subconcious
- Infiltrate Anna Kournikova's house, and rape her. But, she will like it... she can't resist.

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Do a Rawr-C!
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PostPosted: Sun 23 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

You're just as evil as me, aren't you. eek2 devil

I'd like to add eating people to my list if it's not already there.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Tue 25 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Some great ideas. Mine, in order:

1. Fly
2. Have a conversation with a DC (I have heard they may know more then you)
3. Meet my SG or Dream Guide
4. Have a date to improve social skills
5. Morph/Modify my Apperance
6. Drive really really fast (although I have done it in a ND)
7. Create my own Dream World (later because I hear it is harder, and I want to do the first stuff first)
8. Ask a DC where stuff I lost is or something else i can;t remember
9. Create a dream mansion
10. Run the ultimate computer copreration (sounds weird, I am a Youth Entrepeneur) (I just butchered that word).
11. Outperform all my friends in everything.

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I AM dreaming
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PostPosted: Tue 25 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

I would like to...

1. Ask my SG soooo many important questions about lots of topics
2. Improve my golf game
3. Have much fun with a room full of anime characters wink5
4. Talk to very smart DC

Aslo one time...I had a ND that I had a virtual reality box and i did what i wanted with it (be a pro boxer, fight in a war, etc.) And I have to admit...Fighting in WW2 was a very exciting experience, I would like to do that again...

Unfortunately I have only had one LD and all I could do in it before I woke up was jump off of a huge building. sadblauw

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