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Dream Recall and quality of sleep?

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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Dream Recall and quality of sleep?
PostPosted: Fri 05 May, 2006  Reply with quote

A week or two ago, I started recalling dreams every night. Used to, it would be extremely lucky for me to remember even one dream a week. Happy! grin

However, it seems like now, I'm a lot more sleepy when I wake up than usual. I get the same amount of sleep, but I'm sleepier in the morning. But when I'm no longer sleepy later in the day, I seem more alert, focused, and with better memory in general.

Could it possibly be that my quest for dream recall has somehow changed my sleep cycle, possibly for the better?

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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Fri 05 May, 2006  Reply with quote

It could be. I know I'm an absolutely dreadful morning person, and I don't have too many problems remembering my dreams. Maybe there's a link there.

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a.k.a. Sean
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PostPosted: Sat 06 May, 2006  Reply with quote

Seems like it could be true. When I'm tired, I have no problem recalling dreams, but when I'm awake and ready to go, DR's poor.

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Silent Observer
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PostPosted: Fri 12 May, 2006  Reply with quote

Maybe when your tired your brain is less active and doesn't go over a lot of memories at once. Just very recent ones.

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PostPosted: Fri 12 May, 2006  Reply with quote

it could be that when you are still tired, you are still in the same frame of mind as someone just barely waking up... so it is easier to recall the memory that was stored in the same state.

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PostPosted: Thu 18 May, 2006  Reply with quote

I think Jesse and moogle are both on the money here.

It would have to do with the fact you're tired, and your brain is working less. When you're dead tired you aren't thinking about things you don't need to think about, which means your subconscious is focusing entirely on recall.

Also, while you're still sleepy you're not entirely out of dreamland yet, and therefore it is still fresh in your mind.

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