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Eventful night

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Eventful night
PostPosted: Sun 04 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

Last night was one of the best dreamfilled nights I have had so far in the quest for lucidity, I recall 3 clear detailed vivid ND's, then I woke up at about 4 am to use the bathroom then I went back to bed thinking about lding, I layed there and kinda tried the suneye method, looking at the 3rd eye for about 45 seconds but then I lost intrest in it and said to myself well lets go to sleep and have a ld. Then I sat up for some reason and looked at my clock "4:40", then I looked again "l0aD" woah I didint even know I fell asleep, but everything was kinda fuzzy and I could feel it slipping already so I said "Increase lucidity" and rubbed my hands and I was amazed as I watched everything become sharp and clear, I did some random stuff like punching through my wall and float around my room then I tried to summon a girl for some fun but I couldnt do it, I tried looking behind doors, turning around, closing my eyes and reopening them, but I couldnt get a girl to appear, then I woke up. I rolled over and though to myself, well that was fun, lets go again, and I drifted off to sleep and I was amazed to find myself in another lucid dream, this time though it only lasted about 30 seconds before I woke up.

I am very happy with being able to have 2 in a row, I have been trying to have ld's for about a few months now and have had about 5 or 6.

I have a couple questions though maybe you can help me with, first I don't know why I couldnt make a girl appear, I was really dissapointed when I couldnt because that is something I really wanted to try, does anyone have some tips that might help me get lucky in my dream? (Im not a pervert, and I know there are more important things then that, im just a curious 17 year old)

Also, in all the ld's I have had I am always in my room, I would like to go out and explore the world but whenever I try to leave my house the doors are locked and I can't get out no matter what I try, I don't understand what that could mean.
Thanks in advance.

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PostPosted: Sun 04 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

I'm not the most experienced guy with LDs, but I think I know enough theory to help you out.

Apparently you just need some experience and you'll get to summon stuff or teleport. They say we have little control on what we dream when we start to LD. I think that after you start to get a bit used to everything you'll summon girls and teleport out of your house.

Also, if the locked doors become an issue, try breaking them smile Or walk through them!

By the way, my first two LDs were in my room too. I think it can happen, maybe depending on inducion method, maybe not.

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

...but whenever I try to leave my house the doors are locked and I can't get out no matter what I try...

Look for a key that open them. Try to expect to find a key somewhere, avoid to think you will fail to find it. Also, expect the key to open the doors.

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

next time your stuck in the house just ask out loud why you cant get out, if there is an answer just fix what it tells you is the reason you cant get out, and if there is no answer then there is no reason why you cant get out so open the door and leave (finding the reason why you cant get out wakes up the logical part of your mind which is the part that helps the most in controlling dreams and having a high level of lucidity)

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

Every time I WILD, I end up in my bed. My dream self rolls from the position I was sleeping in to a new position, and the transition from RL to LD is sometimes so smooth that I miss it and think I'm still trying to sleep...

As for the doors, I always find myself unable to leave the area around my house. I either lose lucidity or wake up. I personally don't think it means anything. I think that it happened once in my first LD, so my subconcious must have reasoned that it will happen from now on. I like the logical approach, and have wanted to try that...

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