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Dream characters

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The Blushing Bride
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Dream characters
PostPosted: Sun 09 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

I'm quite interested in dream characters, so it would be good if you can post about any dream characters you have seen in your dreams here, lucid or non-lucid. smile I'll start off with mine.

In my latest LD, I saw Ed, Edd and Eddy (all 2D characters) and Professor Farnsworth from Futurama (2D as well). Years ago, I remember having a dream about Barney the dinosaur (man I hate that thing!).

Also, have you had any conversations with dream characters? What kind of responses did they give you? This could be quite interesting. grin

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LD4all addict
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Homer Simpson has poped in a few times, he's even funny my dreams!

I have a reocuring DC I think his name is victor. He is a tall blond hair guy. I had a LD once, and I saw him walking so I landed beside him, and we were talking, I asked him where he was going, and he said something about war.

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PostPosted: Sun 09 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

This night I had four interesting DCs
- Holly Short, a fairie officer from the Artemis Fowl book series
- A blue skinned thin guy
- A big guy
Those three and I were friends smile Even though I just met the two guys that day, I supposedly already knew Holly

The fourth DC was a teacher in the classroom. He taught me a cientific principle that I forgot sadblauw
(check my DJ for more info.)

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Of course, there was also a cute redhead girl. I know her nickname was ChanChan smile

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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Where to start? My dreams are always full of various different people, if not public mobs!

Also, have you had any conversations with dream characters? What kind of responses did they give you?

I almost always end up talking to the characters. Responses vary wildly, depending on the person's personality and other characteristics, etc.

I'll use my most recent typed dream as an example:

1. Boy: didn't talk to him, he just tagged along as my friend.
2. Talking elephant: she was happy and enthusiastic, way too curious for her own good and very impatient.
3. Another talking elephant: Was very timid and scared, to the point where he resisted my attempts to free him from a maze.
4. Half-elephant ("Julian"): I yelled at him, he yelled back and seemed quite friendly and willing to input stuff into our conversations.
5. Giant rats: hyperactive and always yelling their heads off. Didn't talk to them much because they spent the whole time racing around.
6. Advice Guy: Was very helpful, friendly, and perfectly willing to answer any question I posed to him to the best of his ability. He was concerned about my safety and specifically claimed to be there as the welcoming committee/advice guru.
7. Factory/geisha crowd: I tried to talk to them, but they just glared back and told me to go away. The second lot were sick and rolling around moaning in pain, so I didn't disturb them.
8. Geisha girl: Asked me to help her and then returned the favour. She was polite, but wary, and I had a nice long chat to her that eventually made her feel guilty enough to reveal a secret she'd been keeping from me.
9. Giantess: Very stupid and talked to herself constantly, speaking her thoughts aloud so that I could hear them. I didn't talk to her, though, because I was pretending to be asleep at the time.
10. Old grandma woman: Very friendly at first, gave me a present and invited me in for tea.
11. Train attendants: Seemed rather snobbish/elitist, and were very surprised that I'd obtained a ticket. I deliberately didn't talk to them, because they were so rude.
12. Obnoxious train guy: Started chatting up some poor girls he didn't know as soon as he boarded the train. I avoided him too, but I couldn't help but hear him talking about how great he was (what an ego), because he was doing his best to be the centre of attention.

There were other characters too, but they weren't very important, and/or not capable of talking. (ie insects).

Edit: Oops. Just finished typing that dream up, and realised I forgot...
13. Brunette woman: We worked together to figure out ticket procedure and was very nice, but left soon on a different train.
14. Guy in crowd: I singled him out at random to ask for info on a train, but although he answered, I got the impression he thought I was crazy.

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a smiling haze
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Death used to visit me in my dreams. Yup, the grim reaper. It was a "she". smile

Also, some of the forum memebers have become common DCs—Wolf, Moogle, Atheist. Q and Siiw visit me in my dreams sometimes too.

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Infinite Impatience
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Forum and chat members show up quite often.

some DCs show up in periods, there is for example a norwegian football player who is very active as a DC now and then. There are a few recurring, unique DCs in my dreams too, most are connected to the dream world of Ceeia. siiw

Current LD goal(s): To bring back art or a song

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byline worm
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PostPosted: Mon 10 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

I love talking to my DCs, and I've had quite a few very interesting ones. I can't remember everyone now, but here are a few:

Propellor - a guy with longish blonde hair and a purple shirt. I was flying through the air on a sheet when he appeared behind me. He was nice, and we went and got some food somewhere and just talked for a while. For some reason I notice a lot of random DCs who look a lot like him, so I've always wondered if he might be one of my SGs.

God - Looked a lot like Propellor, but his face was blurred out like a video where someone wants to hide their identity. He was very nice and had a great sense of humor. ^^

Bowling Bonnie - a little woman I met in a LD behind my aunt's house, but all she did was tell me her name. I thought it was funny.

My possible SG? - I asked for my SG and got a big guy with yellow hair, bright blue eyes, and Pokemon baseball cap. He was nice, but not very outgoing, and he wouldn't tell me his name.

Vombog - a large half-dog-half-frog creature who was plotting to take over the world. He acted like a cheesy villain from some superhero show, and was defeated when someone pushed him off the roof of the school.

Nicoli - a fluffy little white dog who turned out to be a rather demonic little bald man who kept me prisoner in a cave, and amused himself by drawing caricatures of me as a monkey.

Keep in mind that these are only the ones I managed to get names for, except for the SG, who I just put in there because he was interesting. I normally never find out the name of a DC, but can have long and involved interactions and conversations with them - check out my DJ for examples, the link is in my sig.

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PostPosted: Mon 10 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Over time, I have had plenty of very memorable DCs! yes While most fade from my mind quickly, some have seemed to play very important roles in my dreams. boogie

  • During one dream, I had entered a limo, where I had sat next to a man that was wearing a stylish white hat. He seemed friendly to me, but something about him had intimidated me. This DC seemed to have a lot of power - he had reminded me of a gangster.

  • While walking through a school scene, I had encountered a very outgoing woman with vibrant red hair, which was also incredibly shiny. At the end of our meeting, I had asked her how she managed to get such great hair. She pulled me in close and said, "My secret is Fantastic Sam's." lach2

  • At the end of one dream, I have a memory of an old man with only one eye, and he also had a monacle. eh His remaining eye was bright blue. His name was Kevin.

  • In one of my lucid dreams, I had met up with a female DC with an oddly shaped head; she had no hair, and the top of her head was shaped like a Hershey's Kiss. When I had asked her some questions, her answers had been very wise. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten what she said to me.

All of those had only appeared once, but what about my favorite dream character, eh? The one that makes frequent appearances in my dreams? His name just happens to be Conan O'Brien. wink5 Although he appears very often, getting the chance to talk with him had been very rare for me; I have only really interacted with him on one occasion that I can remember. As for the rest, he just makes spontaneous appearances. grin

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PostPosted: Mon 10 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

The three that I enjoyed are:

-Sir Roland: accompanied me as my loyal companion in a medieval themed dream, we were knights trapped in purgatory. I fell through the ice on a ocean of black water (which flowed to the underworld), and he pulled me out and saved me. Roland told me that I'd do the same for him, and with that we continued on our journey.

-Old sailor: Saw him smoking on the deck of a barge I was travelling on, he told me about his life on the sea.

-Pirate remains: A skeleton buried under an old seaside shed, he initally tried to scare me but when I laughed at his attempt he warmed up to me. I had a conversation with him while I gathered up his scattered bones lol.

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Mond Tanz
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PostPosted: Mon 10 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Alex Mason: A psychotic American who is the leader of a small biker gang, he's one sick puppy and a very intelligent one at that. His name, Alex, was influenced by Alexis Machine. Alex, just seemed to fit.
Sometimes he is a DC sometimes I am him.

Jay: Jay is a member of the sang biker group, he is a little timid when it comes to standing up for himself in front of Alex. He was tortured by Alex with a cigarette lighter, believe me it burns and it hurt.
Sometimes he is a DC sometimes I am him.

I used to dream of them alot, but since I used them as characters in my book, I have not dreamt of them again.

Native American Girl: I have dreamt of this girl a few times, I am always attracted to her and feel strong love for her along with a sense of "knowing" and that there is more to her than just a DC.

Woman: Another unnamed DC that I felt was some kind of guide, this woman appeared an a Low Level LD. She wears black and has black hair with a red streak in it. Facially she looked very much like Q.
I always felt "drunk" when I met her in my dreams. The last time I saw her, she asked me whether I needed help with something and gave me a week to decide. I have not dreamt of her since.

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PostPosted: Sun 30 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

My dreams usually always have some type of soldier that i either have to kill or will help me kill. If they are on my side, they usually don't last long, they usually die out of my vision and i never notice they're gone. If they are against me i usually shotgun them in the face and move on.
The second character that appears in my dreams is a character from the game F.E.A.R. Alma (the little girl) usually scares me a lot in my dreams. Actually it's the thought of her coming. In the game, when she is about to appear, you hear static. I here the static and get very scared. Most of the time I wake up before i see her though. But if I remained dreaming, I would see her.

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PostPosted: Sat 12 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

there are two people i see regularly in my dreams:

1. a red headed woman who's about 30. i think she might be my dream guide as she helps me with things like crossing a busy road and such, but i don't know her name....yet.

2. a boy (around my age) called Recetgel. he has red hair (why do they all have red hair for me?) and is very charming.

they both help me my dreams but i've only chatted with them about the weather and such, no proper serious conversations yet.

funny some of the names DCs in our dreams have, huh?

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

1. A male, maybe in his 20s with medium-length black hair. He wore an orange shirt, and he was a ghost, even though he appeared solid-- he told me telepathically, I believe. I'd see him on my street.. usually on the other side I was walking on. We would look at eachother, and eventually I'd find his house that burned down on the street and wander inside it, looking for him or talking to him in my head. This same guy appeared in another dream [shortly after] also, playing a similar role.

2. This charming human-like man.. Sort of bird-like. He was tall and gaunt, with strange propotions & an awakward gait, a long neck and red hair. He was very kind and we chatted for a bit.

3. Man in a top hat. Rather flamboyant, flying around in this dome like room.. I don't recall what all happened.

4. Priests. There were 3 of them, maybe. But a bit evil looking-- young, but with wide, scheming grins plastered on their face and sunglasses. Performing these pseudo-baptisms in a gigantic, stone catholic church.

5. A girl/young woman.. Around my age. Long black hair, and very dark blue eyes, and a blue velvet dress. However-- she was me. The point of view would switch from me watching "her"/me, back to seeing it through my own eyes, but looking different, like her.. In this dream her/my husband or lover had to leave for some reason but never returned; months [or years?] passed and she/I drove myself mad from missing him, built a wooden sculpture in his image, and eventually committed suicide by letting myself fall backwards down the jagged, steep stone staircase in my house (which was mostly stone, and I got the sense that it was cloudy and on some rocky coast.) I've wondered if this could possibly be a past life.

6. two psychics/astrologers that were visiting, giving readings. One was a male, with brown hair and glasses. I don't rememeber him too well. The other one-- the main one, the astrologer-- was androgynous, with semi-long, wavy dark blonde hair. I walked up to them to get a reading. The blonde one had a thick foreign accent. Hebrew or russian sounding. She/he looked at me, studying me for a bit. Trying to conjure up a reading, but for some reason couldn't and became somewhat frozen, just starting at me intently. Then they faded away.

7. A huge demon.. thing. Part giant snake, part man/demon, and with ram horns. He was holding me down, trying to rape me.

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Que Sera, Sera =D
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PostPosted: Wed 23 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

My favorite which i forgot about until today when my friend asked me, why did you choose cue as your name, i remembered!

Cue- One of 3 yoshis, he was with me in the dream and saved me from falling, and drowning. He was actually Q, there was also X and (i forgot the other ones). But Cue worked better smile

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PostPosted: Thu 24 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

lol one of my favorite DC's ever:
a frail old man, looked very gentle and kind. Yet, at the time I was convinced he was a giant lobster in disguise! ( I even did research on the internet about him) I spent the dream plotting to catch the lobster expose it and eat it... I don't think I ever caught it.

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