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The FA topic - Part II

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Que Sera, Sera =D
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Re: false awakening\
PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

lain wrote:
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one of the most weird things that can happen to you, when dreaming, is to wake up, get out of bed, begin to do things, & then suddenly, for some reason, be aware that you never really woke up at all\there is an old horror film, i think it is called, the nightwalker\its about a woman, who keeps dreaming, over & over again, of her dead husband, who died in an explosion in their home\she goes to sleep at night, & is approached, during the night, by a young man, who takes her by the hand, & leads her to another place, where suddenly she views various horrors, like corpses where live people should be, & her dead husband, severly burned, walking slowly towards her\at one point, she is so shocked, she wakes up in her bed, only to be approached by the same young man a few seconds later, saying the same exact words as before\at this point she yells, i cant wake up!!! i cant wake up!!!\i think that when one begins to experiment with lucid dreaming, one should be prepared for the fact that there is a "fear barrier" of truly bizarre experiences that one may go through on the way to controlled lucidity\not all parts of the mind are of heaven, some are of hell\i was very interested in lucid dreaming a few years ago, but have not thought of it in all this time, because i had similar nightmarish dreams, that almost scared me to death\i will need a lot of courage to get through this fear barrier - but now, with my new buddhist faith, i should be able to do it\one should have a plan of what one will do, in a nightmare, so you can continue to hang on to the dream, & not just "lose it"\

That reminds me of my FA experience, I've probably posted it many times before, so I won't bother now, but it was definetly a horror film dream -_-

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

Are there ever happy or unscary FAs?

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Last Man Standing
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PostPosted: Tue 01 May, 2007  Reply with quote

Yes. i dreamt about a month ago that i had woken up and was listening to "Morning Glory" by Oasis. it wasnt a proper false awakening with SP etc but i still thought about whether i was awake or not, thought i was, and mused that is was a cool song to wake up to.

once i had SP but just thought it was amusing that i couldnt move and went to sleep again.

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Orange Element
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PostPosted: Sun 06 May, 2007  Reply with quote

I had a FA after my last LD. Quite short, actually: I woke up in my bed. Beneath me there was a warm, fuzzy dark-coloured woolen blanket (in reality there's a sheet), lights were out and it was dark as it was when I had gone to sleep five minutes ago, but somehow my perception of the room was different, which is what I find interesting. I had an image of the room around me without actually having to look at it (I was lying on my side and looking at the wall). The image I had was far different from the reality of my room. In other words, a false memory. When I turned over to lie on my back, I felt a thumping, as if something huge was walking in the distance. I wondered what it could be, then I woke up exactly in the same position as I had in my FA. I suspect the thumping was my heart, for some reason I feel it beating more vigorously when I go to bed these days.

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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Tue 19 Jun, 2007  Reply with quote

I truely adore false awakenings, there a such immense things of mystery. The great plot revealing to me when I find out I was still dreaming, is pricelessly beatiful.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 10 Aug, 2007  Reply with quote

I had my first FA-induced lucid dream.

Unfortunately, it was all dark. I went to the light switch and, of course, it didn't turn on. So I was stuck in a dark house. I kept hearing strange noises and thinking things were going to jump out at me. Rather unpleasant.

How do you turn some freaking lights on?! tounge2 Summon some candles? Light a fire?

I tried to spin around and change the dream scene, but I almost lost lucidity when I did that. I was lucky, though; I did eventually get back in my house, and this time, a light was on.

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Bliss Junkie
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New member
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FA before I even knew what they were...
PostPosted: Tue 14 Aug, 2007  Reply with quote

If you haven't read any of the few posts I have yet, I am new to LD... in fact tonight is my second night in trying to reach lucidity.

I have been perusing the threads and after reading people's accounts on false awakenings, I realized that this used to happen to me all the time when I would have to wake up early for high school, or whenever I would have to wake up early in general.

I would wake up for real, but sometimes I would fall back asleep (it was only school right ) and I would fall into a dream that I did get out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, whatever else I do in the morning, only to wake up again right back in my bed. It's been a while now since this has happened, but I remember instances of it happening multiple times a morning.

I always felt there was something different about theses particular dreams, but at the time I didn't know anything about lucid dreaming so I never did anything about it.

Maybe I'll set my alarm an hour early tonight and see what happens tomorrow morning.

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kTFox has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Tue 04 Sep, 2007  Reply with quote

I haven't had an FA in a long time. Is there a way to get one automatically? or do they just happen?

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PostPosted: Sat 15 Sep, 2007  Reply with quote

I actually think FAs are pretty cool. I've had like 3 of them in the past week, which is weird because I've never really gotten a lot before....

The other night I had a FA. I "woke up" in the middle of the night and looked at my digital clock and it said it was 1:44 AM. Then I "fell asleep" again, and when I ACTUALLY woke up my clock said it was only 1:03 AM. I did a RC then, so I knew I was awake and I'd had a FA.

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Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Tue 25 Sep, 2007  Reply with quote

[notice: this post is a little graphic]

I had a few fleeting moments of lucidity last night, followed by the strangest FA to date. In the short moments of lucidity I was opening something with my favorite all-purpose knife when the blade slipped, punctured my artery, and then got stuck under the curve of my jaw.

I woke up in my bed and felt a throbbing pain and warm sensation, the knife was still buried in my jaw and I was bleeding profusely on my bed. I pulled the knife out with a jerk(it's a CRKT Greg Lightfoot M1, w/ combination edge, if you're curious as to what was sticking out of my head :O) and applied pressure to my neck. I then tore off my sleeve and used it as a pressure dressing, I couldn't really feel my body and I tried to yell to anyone for help, but I couldn't make anything come out, I just rolled of the bed gasping for air. Oddly, when I applied additional pressure to the neck wound, I got tunnel vision and felt moments from passing out. It became quite peaceful, I just lay there on my floor staring at my ceiling thinking 'so this is what dying feels like'...

I woke up for real shortly thereafter and checked my neck, to my great relief I was still in one piece lol.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 13 Oct, 2007  Reply with quote

spotted_zebra wrote:
I had my first FA ...... Then I 'thought' I had woken up so I recorded my dream and went back to sleep. In the morning I was SOOO mad because when I checked my DJ the dream was GONE! grrr I was even madder because I knew there was more to the dream that I forgot because I thought I had recorded it. I guess thinking that I had recorded it let my mind gradually let it slip away... *sigh* blauw

wow...thats what happened to me 2 nights ago...

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New member
New member
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Weird dream/OBE
PostPosted: Sun 06 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

About a week ago, I had this really vivid dream in which I became lucid. But when I woke up from the dream, I was apparently partially out-of-body, except that I couldn't move anything except my right arm, and when I looked at it, it was nothing but a ghostly silhouette. After looking at my arm and struggling to move, I seemed to wake up a second time, and this time, I was truly awake.
Does this sound like an OBE, or was it just an odd dream? I've never had an OBE before, so I can't compare it to any other experiences.

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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Mon 07 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

It wasn't an OBE
You were probobly still in a dream, it is very common to have dreams where you are still in your bed. This is the main "nemisis" of Lucid dreams because this leads to FA

Current LD goal(s): Have an SD with that cute little crow.
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Mond Tanz
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PostPosted: Mon 07 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

Could be an OBE could be an FA.

Many people who have unexpected OBEs are unable to control their movements. However, if I was to hazard a guess I would say you have been reading up on OBEs and it influenced a dream in the form of an FA.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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False awakening
PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

I was thinking about FA-s yesterday and some questions came in my mind .

1.) I guess it`s individual but how many false awakenings do people have per month ? Especially those when they wake up in the middle of the night , don`t realize they`re having a FA and fall asleep again ?

2.) Is it possible I wake up in the middle of the night , have a FA , do a RC which is not working ? For example I try to push my hand through the wall but can`t do that ?

3.) I wake up about once every night . I guess it`s because one REM - cycle has finished . Do people wake up after every REM - cycle . If not , why do they sometimes wake ?

4.) Is it possible to increase the number of FA-s ?

Thank you !

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