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Lucid without WBTB

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Lucid without WBTB
PostPosted: Wed 23 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

Can we lucid without WBTB?
usually i sleep @ 11pm, if i do WILD can i enter the dream state?
in a short time? (not that short time grin )

or there any other technique?

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PostPosted: Wed 23 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

Yes we can LD without WBTB. There are different kinds of techniques, and most of them you can combine with WBTB. The pro of WBTB is that you have slept already and therefore enter the REM-state - the period where you dream - earlier. Combining WBTB with another technique will increase your change of getting a LD. Only doing WBTB is often not enough, so you actually have to use another technique with it.

As you already mentioned we have WILD (link)
You can try that in the evening, but people mostly have more succes when they already slept.

There's aslo MILD (link)
During MILD you tell yourself that you will realise you will be dreaming this night. You can choose yourself for a sentence you can repeat. During this you visualise you will become lucid. Autosuggestion is very much like MILD, only you don't visualise you will become lucid with autosuggestion.

Perform Reality Checks during the day. This will hopefully become a habit you will also do during your dream. In a dream, your reality will prove you're dreaming. An important note with this is that you really believe you're dreaming when you perform a reality check. You have to believe that it is a dream, and not just think do the RCs well. After a while you might do them in your dream, but they won't tell you you're dreaming just because you expect to be awake. In dreams your expectations come true after all.

You have VILD. With this technique you incubate a dream place where you will perform a reality check and become lucid.

Another method is The Sun Eye method. You concentrate on your third eye then; it's a spot between your eyebrows.

There are some more techniques, but I don't write them down right now. A very good thing is to make a Dream Journal too. You do want to remember the Lucid Dream when you got one, don't you?

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PostPosted: Thu 24 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

It is definately possible to enter a WILD without WBTB, I have done it. Though I find it only possible to do if I am at a PERFECT state of tiredness. If im too awake I cant relax enough, If I'm too tired I fall asleep too fast, but I have found if I am at the perfect state of tiredness within five minutes of normal trying to sleep I see HI scenarios playing out in my head and I can just step right in.

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