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evil dc's???

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evil dc's???
PostPosted: Sun 13 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

i was just just wondering if anyone else has this problem, but for some reason i have this wierd guy,more like an overlord, king, whatever you want to call it, hes in my reoccuring dreamscene, and he pretty much terrorizes people.
my reocurring dreamscene is kind of an actiony place, and even weirder, its set in the future eek2
i call it my reocurring dreamscene, but really, i just go there whenever im lucid.
its even on some other planet i think, im not entirely sure neutral
the regular DC 's are "intellegent" and actually wanted me to help them the first time i went there.
the first time i found it was when i randomly jumped in a mirror, and i ended up in some other world.
im not sure what its called either, but its like a camp of rebels surrounding this one place like a gigantic castle/mansion, and for what seems like no reason, these people with suits that look like the enclave soldiers from fallout 3 (in case youve ever played it) just go around shooting up these towns.
getting back to the point, does anyone have a reocurring dream-scene like this, or have you ever been to a place like this in a LD?

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PostPosted: Sun 13 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

he probabley is symbolic of something in your waking life...try to figure out what he symbolizes it might help you understand why he keeps popping up in your dreams

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PostPosted: Sun 13 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Well, it should be fun.

You know, the dream gives you the chance to have a constant enemy, so you can fight with him every time.

So you can meet DC's that will help you defeat him.So you can have a whole big story.

And then you will maybe finally defeat him with your DC friends, and there will be peace.

A fun chance is given to you, don't miss it wink5
You get me?

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PostPosted: Sun 13 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Do only I see the usefulness of this? i mean besides fighting..It's an invitation to frequent lucid dreams...after you become lucid just go away from there..not all have that frequent dreamsigns..that's a real chance, not fighting....

EDIT: didn't see "i call it frequent dreamscene but i go there whenever i'm lucid"
Forget it

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PostPosted: Sun 13 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Looks like you have a chance to be a hero! Blow up all the evil people! Save everyone! I did once, and it was fun!

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