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The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD, part VI

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King Vanny
Astral Explorer
Posts: 359
Joined: 12 May 2010
Last Visit: 11 Nov 2012
LD count: 10
Location: Utah
PostPosted: Sun 08 Aug, 2010  Reply with quote

Here is mine:

1. Sex
2. Fly
3. Practice football so i can become a great wide reciever.
4. Walk into random houses to find things.
5. Do super powers.
6. Create intense moments, that comes my way

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
Posts: 325
Joined: 15 Nov 2010
Last Visit: 05 Jan 2018
PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

well i personally like going back in time and changing situations
like when i was little, i would always stand on my babysitter's balcony and wish i could grow wings and fly home (i'm dead serious)- and now i can do that!
otherwise, i love to explore and live like it's another life, i have a whole new group of friends and everything smile

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New member
New member
Posts: 5
Joined: 19 Nov 2010
Last Visit: 23 Nov 2010
LD count: none =(
Location: In a dark corner, trying to WILD
PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

In my LD's i want to:
-go to hogwarts (that'll be really awesome!)
-fly (who doesn't?)
-own some pokemon (espeon eek2 )
-meet some of the starfox characters (and kick some of their butts)
-dive in the ocean
-be the main character in my favourite book

NO, i'm not going to destroy/kill/hurt anything

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Mostly Harmless
Novice dreamer
Posts: 48
Joined: 23 Sep 2010
Last Visit: 30 Sep 2011
LD count: 8, but 4 good
Location: 1229th Dimension
PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

well I have had only one good LD but I did a lot of things there (didn't write all to the DJ)
1: FLY grrr it didn't work when I tried it
2: swim deep ...
3: go and win the third world war
4: meet some DCs
5: well i'll figure this one out when I get lucid wink5 uptosomething

Current LD goal(s): to have extremely vivid lucid dream ...
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New member
New member
Posts: 7
Joined: 21 Nov 2010
Last Visit: 29 Nov 2010
LD count: Wohoo i got 1
PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

Ok i havent had more than 1 ld (It wasnt even vivid cry ) but heres a list of things i wanna do
1.to fly ofc flying
2. go through a mirror mirror
3.transform into an animal bat
4.Fly to another planet alien
5. explore dream worlds looking_anim.gif
6.breath under water :wnvoss:
7.put some water on the floor and then dive in it garlic
8.take suicide rip
9.Have some pokemonzzzZZZzzz ...
10.be in assasins creed
11.be link in zelda tp wolf
12.Have a SD bier
13.Have a epic fight in a SD with another person
14.shoot laser from my eyes ebil
15.use force
ok i might continue another day cuz i have a list to like 35 bounce

Current LD goal(s): To have one
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Beat Doctor
Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
Posts: 425
Joined: 17 Oct 2010
Last Visit: 02 Jan 2012
LD count: 10
Location: Hypnagogia
PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

I had only one too, but I have a list:
1. To visit Madeira.
2. To create new realms.
3. To create new galaxies.
4. Visit the sun.
5. Do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQITWbAaDx0 .
6. To hang out with aliens.
7. Fly.
8. More!

Current LD goal(s): Visit outer space, summon the first lucid dreamer.
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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
Posts: 78
Joined: 07 Mar 2010
Last Visit: 13 May 2013
Location: try again
PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

I've realized I really enjoy flying through solid stuff in my lucid dreams. It's not a thing I would plan to do when lucid but I just...
"what? I have 6 fingers on right hand? ....really?....hm eh ...OH. woo So quickly, what do I do...*looks around* time for some flying! flying Why to bother opening the window, flying right through it is more fun! Or a wall could do. *flies through the wall and continues with the dream* "
I don't know why but it just seems it's my dream-self's favorite thing to do

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