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Insomnia - Can't sleep! Part II

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i cant sleep
PostPosted: Mon 07 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

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i cant sleep at night no matter what i do ive tried everything yoga tea evrything and it takes hours and hours for me to finnaly get to sleep please help!

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PostPosted: Mon 07 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

I know how that is. It's especially horrible on school nights. I remember sitting in bed at 4 in the morning wide awake and extremely frustrated that I had school in 3 hours. Happened to me basically every night.

Practice meditation. I was going to recommend an herbal supplement that works incredibly well, but you should be older if your going to take it.

Look up how to meditate and do that every night right before bed, after taking a hot shower...that should help some.

Whatever you do, if some whacky doctor tries to give you pills to make you fall asleep, do NOT take them. You don't need them and they are horrible for you. Also if you take those, they will probably kill your dream recall completely.

Exercise every day until you feel worn out. This is an important one. If you run lets say for 3 miles or so every day, it will leave you eagerly awaiting bed time by nightfall.

Sweet dreams :D

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new here
PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

I only sleep 4 to 5 hours a night ambian dont work it just makes me feel as if im floating around inside my own head I was told not to take more than one but, one dont work so i take two and sometimes i think I might be sleep but I really cant tell. when im out of ambian I take tylenol pm and i just about get the same effect when I do fall asleep I dont even remember getting in the bed I just cant sleep and I really dont know why whatsthat

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PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

May be it's time to forget the ambian/tylenol and try simple relaxation?
When I get insomnia it is usually due to stress. Then if I start worrying about not being able to get to sleep the problem gets steadily worse.

there is a list of things members have previously advised in this post. So I suggest you read that post and I hope you are sleeping well soon.

I was told not to take more than one but, one dont work so i take two

And it is never a good idea to take more of a medication than advised no

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PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

I have a very big and bad problem relaxing dont work I have tried everything under the sun. Its so bad that I dream when im awake. im losing my memory fast. When I leave my house to go some where I have been 1000 times I get lost in my head I go blank for a couple of seconds. Everthing just leaves my mind and then I just panic maybe I should get a sleep study done help!

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PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

Sounds serious... perhaps you should see a medical care professional about this - or a sleep specialist? I don't think anyone here has the knowledge to assist properly, so it's best you do go see a doctor right away.

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PostPosted: Thu 07 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

2hard - first of all, i don't like to know you've been overdosing medication. this might indeed be the cause of some of these symptoms you're having --- to cut, double or change your prescription without consulting a doctor can have very serious outcomes.

judging by your description, this is clearly not a simple matter of insomnia; rather, insomnia is a symptom of something else that's affecting your brain. your suicidal behaviour also concerns me deeply. this could be some kind of hyper-stimulation of a brain area, or clinical depression. at any rate, i can't emphasize enough how important it is that you look for a psychiatrist right now.

what you have doesn't seem anything out of the world, by all means: that set of symptoms suggests some fairly common psychiatric disorders which are all easily treatable if diagnosed in time. but you must look for a doctor, quickly --- you could be as good as new in a month, but you must look for professional help.

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

i have really bad insomnia. i take medication to sleep but it doesn't work all the time. so I'm glad i found this thread... maybe it can help me.

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PostPosted: Fri 21 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

The only time I can't sleep well at night is when I ask this question when I'm in bed 'How do I go to sleep?' It seems as if I forget how to fall asleep.

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PostPosted: Fri 11 Apr, 2008  Reply with quote

I've found that I often dream more when I can't sleep. Which, while being interesting because of the dream is frustrating because I have to do stuff the next day. Gonna have to look at some of the ideas in this thread to switch off : )

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Novice dreamer
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trouble sleeping
PostPosted: Sun 17 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

sometimes im to excited to fall asleep and when i do i will juss end up waking up after a non lucid dream... anyone else have sleep trouble???
have any solutions... whatsthat peace

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Insomnia really bad...
PostPosted: Fri 10 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

Any ideas on how to stop this? I get Insomnia really bad. One night I didn't sleep at all. I've noticed that I cannot lay on my back to get to sleep, it has to be my side, but even then I have trouble...

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PostPosted: Fri 10 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

How long have you had it?
And i know of a supplement you mix with water for a few days which is proven to stop insomnia. It has a 73% success rate. Want me to search it out?

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PostPosted: Sun 12 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

have those problems all the time. its like my spine or my forearms just wont get tired even tho my mind is weary. and it gets me angry. anyway, its kinda been getting fixed now that i read books everynight before falling asleep. if it werent for my crazy schedule were i have to wake up at six during the week and then do an overnight on Saturday for work so i start all over again before the week starts.

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Falling Asleep
PostPosted: Fri 31 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

<mod>moved into the insomnia topic</mod>

Sometimes I lay in bed for hours thinking or listening to music, before I finally get to sleep. I was wondering do many people here have trouble getting to sleep? What do you do to get to sleep? Does anyone have specific techniques they use to help them sleep?

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