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For beginners and pros: Explanation of Lucid techniques

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For beginners and pros: Explanation of Lucid techniques
PostPosted: Sat 11 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

then on "lucidity Techniques" or you look around on that page. I think it eyplains the techniques good. There is not nothing new, but I think, that its good to read about the techniques especially if you dont understand them (like me and the MILD^^) There is also free stuff or somethings that you can buy for LD´s (if you want to buy some Mp3s, books or whatever exists)

for the MODS: sorry that the page have some things for buying, i know this is not what you like but I just posted it here for the free Articles
for the "normal Users": If the link is deleted, then I´ll post you the link if you ask me

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PostPosted: Tue 04 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

This is a cool site! Thanks for sharing dream ghost :D . I'm gonna read through it now

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PostPosted: Wed 05 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

hey, I just found this site a few days ago too. From what I've seen it seems pretty good! wink

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