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The subconscious

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Tue 23 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

The subconscious is that which takes over when the conscious is too tired or too sick. Sometimes, I write entire articles without using my conscious mind. The subconscious is at work here. Back in my teenage, when I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety problems, my subconscious would write entire test papers for me. You could check out this link:

http://www.science-and-nature.com/247/the-secret-powe rs-of-your-subconsciou s-mind/

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I had a sudden urge to reply saying, "The Subconscious is awesome!" neutral

Anyways, I wanted to get back into forming a link with my SC.

What should my first action be?

Current LD goal(s): Get a real LD; Shoot fireworks out of my hands; Become top idol

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