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Changing Thoughts Every 1-2 Seconds?

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PostPosted: Thu 26 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

Basilus West wrote:
Thus what MovieMe describes doesn't fit with what the wiki says for instance, cause he lets his thoughts wander around a situation ( Have I understood now, MovieMe? wink5 ). On the contrary, the wiki says you have to change consciously your thoughts every 2 seconds. Still a mystery... whatsthat

I think it's more like two different "techniques". The one I describe fit people who're having difficulties falling asleep. For me it takes about half an hour (Less if I'm lucky) so changing thoughts constantly would keep me awake.
And I think you have understood the concept now Basilus tounge2 But this situation must be lucid-related, so you're constantly bumping into the subject which gives you the opportunity to get lucid or to increase your awareness as you fall asleep.

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