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First Proper Lucid Dream !!!

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First Proper Lucid Dream !!!
PostPosted: Wed 25 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

hi just wanted to say that i had my first proper lucid dream lastnight after trying forever.
has anyone tryed this
just before i went to bed i thought i would wright am i dreaming on my hand or arm or someware to see if it would make me lucid so i said what have i got to loose so i tryed it
i wrote are you dreaming do a RC on my arm with a pen then went to bed.
i woke up in the morning well i thougt i was awake had a shower looked at my arm and said well this didnt work. so i rubed the writing of my arm and it dissapeared. then while i was at school bored just sitting around in calss after a test l looked at my arm again and the writing was back. then it got me thinking am i dreaming took me a while. and i couldnt believe it i was DREAMING !!!!! wow. woo siiw
just tought i would say this because no one eles has talked about this.
thanks for reading

also i herd something about the sleep paralases method does that work any tips on how to do it?

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PostPosted: Wed 25 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

LoL, cool LD tounge2

And the sleep paralysis is not a method. When you sleep your body "locks" itself to prevent you from acting out dreams, so you wont for example jump for real when you jump in your dream. Now, sometimes if you wake up in the middle of a dream (Often during REM) your body is still "locked" so you are unable to move. This is called sleep paralysis (SP).

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