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what is the 1st dream you remember? Part I

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 02 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

The first one is eighter the one I got lucid and locked the dragon in the closet turn3

Or the one with the anrgy donkey.

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Domi Li
Rappin Pandaz Clan
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PostPosted: Mon 12 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

The first dream I can ever remember? It would have to be when I was between a year old and two years old.

There were no words or people--it was just a wavy star-strewn black and midnight blue sky with all these flashing fireworks and colors, and this fast-paced techno-pop music. the flashing lava and fireworks and sporadic colors were cool because the were in complete symbiance with the sound.

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One Armed Scissor
Bruno's Fan Club
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PostPosted: Mon 12 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

My first dream I remember was when I was 4-5.

I was in a shelter with seats like an auditorium and it was on stilts... My brother and sisters were running around and I went over to my dad and said, "one of them is going to fall off if we dont tell them to stop" so my dad told me to go tell them to stop.

When I told them to stop my sister fell off and then it sudden changed scenes to under the shelter and there was a cain ball and it rolled away into the darkness.

The funny thing was I was convinced it was real, I realised it wasnt when I was about 7 and I asked my sister how she was after falling from the shelter and she called me crazy :D


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Wolfless Dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Tue 20 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

I supose my oldest dream memory is about a giant shark who persued me. It slided on the floor after me and could go up stairs and all that. I can't remember the rest...

It's just weird to notice that I don't remember anymore all the dreams I remembered sometime ago...

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Fri 23 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

The oldest dream that I can still remember extremely clearly happened when I was perhaps 2 or 3. In fact, this dream is pretty much the only memory, period, from the first few years of my life.

Let's see...I was in my crib at night, and this stapler comes at me, "chomping" as it slid across the floor. It then started to slide up the vertical wooden post of my crib because it wanted to eat me.

Yeah. I think I probably woke up after that.

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LD count: 8
PostPosted: Fri 23 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

The first dream I remembered is kind of funny. I was probably 3 years old. I dreamed my older sister Annette was making cookies and mixing the batter in a big green bowl. In the dream, I knocked over the bowl and it broke. My sister yelled at me and I cried.

In the waking world, my other sister woke me up. I was crying and she asked why, and I said that it was because I broke a bowl and Annette yelled at me.

She said, "You silly kid, that's a dream. Stop crying, it's not real!"

And up until then I had no idea that there was any difference between dreams and waking life!

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sat 24 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

As far as I can go back I would say a "power rangers" related dream. Though I can catch some vage images of earlier dreams. I also wonder if my dreams of Freddy Krueger where before or after the power rangers period.

About the power rangers :
I was the green ranger. All of the others transformed or warped to the power center and unfortunately I never managed to do both. It was like trying to turn on the light, your pc, tv in a dream.
I tried and I tried. And as I tried to warp to the power center I ran and jumped into the air ... No succes.

About freddy krueger :
I had these dreams often. Mostly with the same scenario and setup but slighty different.
I suppose it must have been when I was 6-10years old. Because in those times I played soccer.
....We arrived at the game and had to go change. Left was the lockers, right freddy's boiler room. Ofcourse my dream made me go right (don't care, I like some action).
When I went inside I saw a large room. And the room went way down. I jumped all the way down and I was facing Freddy. He was attacking me but nothing serious. I ran back up and was outside again. Then my dream continued with the soccer.

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Chocolate Face
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Tue 07 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

This "I Dream of Genie"-theme where the dream was black and white like an old movie film--in fact, it looked like something straight from a movie scene--there was this black Rolls Royce driving down an empty street. I was in it with that "I Dream of Genie" person, but I couldn't hear or talk. I forget what was going on, but she was smoking one of those rich-people-cigarettes and she was whispering in my ear (despite the fact I couldn't hear) and I could feel that tickle, you know, when someone whispers in your ear? She kissed me and the Rolls Royce stopped to let me out on something-Boulevard (still nighttime--no one out--no cars, nothing). She rolled down the backseat window and said something to me and somehow I knew what it was--then she rolled the window back up and the Rolls Royce pulled off and disappeared down the still-empty road...eh

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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The postoffice of Oz
PostPosted: Tue 07 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

I was in grade school at the time. There was a period where I recall having had a running dream that picked up night after night where it left off. I remember that the vididness and colors were intense.

The only portion of this that I can recall was one night when I went to the main postoffice. They had canvas carts on wheels that held large amounts of mail. I climbed in one and went through a swinging door and down a ramp into the subway concourse. There I turned into a passage and came into the field of poppies from The Wizard of oz. Only, as I am thinking of it now, the flowers were more like sunflowers or yellow daisies than poppies. They weren't red anyway.

That's all I remember of it, other than being very excited about the vividness of the dreams. It had to be impressive to remember it some 40 years later with such clarity. No?

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Wed 15 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

I was two or three years old and was out for a walk with my mum and older brother. Somehow I got buried in a hole and they both walked away without me

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PostPosted: Wed 15 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

bye hello arual, welcome to LD4all

What an awful dream to remember sadblauw

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digital dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 15 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

one i call "it's the end of the world as we know it" these days
it's the end of the world as we know it

i was walking in a street with shops with my mom
she told me the end of the world should be soon
she went into a shop and i had to wait outside
aftera while meteors slowly came up into the street
i got back in to get my mom
we ran
the comets came closer and...
i got under one
i lost feeling in my legs
it became black

and i wake up

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Mon 20 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

The first dream that I have was about like I haved 4-5 years old.

I was in a random dock and I dont know if its me now or the dream back then but the view on the sea was very limited. Anyway , I was with a little white dog and we were on the dock for no apparent reason. At some time , a big shark come out of the water and eat my legs .

I remember that was the first time I was having pain in a dream. This was such a real pain !

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PostPosted: Mon 20 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

im not sure how old i was but i think i was like 5-6 i was always scraed of stray dogs..any dog that was not held back by any thing. wel anywasy i remember walking down the the street it was kinda dark and there wasn't much color it was almost black and white. so as i was waslking all these dogs just came out of no where they where evrywhere chaseing me! gr

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LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Thu 23 Feb, 2006  Reply with quote

The first dream I remember was when I was about 4.
I was locked in a small, wooden shack somewhere in a forest. I knew I was in a forest because there was a large window on one side, allowing me to see what was outside. I could see many bright green ferns. This part is hard to explain, but I was trapped in some sort of contraption that moved me from one side of the shack to another...I was laying down in it. It was scary for, me and I yelled "I want my mom!"
I also remember seeing a picture of her face carved into the wall.

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