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Real Dream Character

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Real Dream Character
PostPosted: Sun 25 Dec, 2011  Reply with quote

I had another 5HTP (300mg) dream last night. There was this one particular girl there referred to as "Dream Girl", who I asked "Are you real?", She seemed annoyed and troubled by the question at the same time, but answered with a pained "yes I am" She seemed independent of me. So realistic, that even now I wonder if she was, in fact, real.
It's not the first time I've met super real people in my dreams. Has anyone else met anyone in their dream they honestly believed was a real individual existing somehow?

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PostPosted: Sun 25 Dec, 2011  Reply with quote

thats quite interesting... ive had one dream like that, which i believe i found some sort of entity, not human- i dont think.... more like a guardian. heres the excerpt from the dream-

Limitles's DJ wrote:
I then looked around and told someone to come with me. I told her that she was just a creation of my mind. (she was about 22) She said "maybe..." and grinned a knowingly smile.I then asked her if she been here before. (my dreams) She said she has been here many times. I appear in different forms. And i feel we will be getting to know each other quite well. I then said next time im lucid come to me! She smiled again and disappeared.-----

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