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I'm too stupid in my dreams.

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I'm too stupid in my dreams.
PostPosted: Sat 20 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

I don't think i could ever have a lucid dream,Why? Cause i'm dumb.
Last night. I had this dream,I was in a race track,I saw that girl that i really hate,I opened the zipper of my pants (Don't worry,I wore underwear)
Anyway,I opened the zipper,I found a pistol,M4 Rifle and a Ak-47 rifle there,I take the AK-47 out of my pants and i'm trying to pull the trigger to shoot the girl. But damn!
It's not working.
The point is,I find guns in my pants. and I am like "This is normal."

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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sat 20 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

Hehe. That's actually pretty funny.

Your problem? You never notice odd things IRL. You should even recognise when things are too normal. In fact, I'd say you should doubt reality every given moment.

Well, not every given moment, but if you count less than ten RCs a day, you should make some edgy ones. You'll get used to that.

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The Kroc
Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 20 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

Ha ha, yes, I get this too. And my problem is that even if I saw something VERY weird in waking life, I would not think it was impossible, or a dream. For instance, if I just got up now to go to the kitchen and found an elephant there, I would not doubt reality. I would find some explanation for it. I'd think, for example, that maybe it has escaped from the zoo and my parents found it in the street. I would never do a RC.

The problem is that I don't pay enough attention of the present. I'm always thinking about the future, therefore not actually FEELING inside the present. If you try to feel everything you feel, but more than usual, cenetring your concentration on, like, your breathing, the feeling of the wind on your face, the smells, sounds...it MIGHT help. It's what I'm trying to do nowadays.

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PostPosted: Sat 20 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

What shall i say ? Im stupid in """Real""" Life AND in LD's tounge2
TK : that approach might work , but TD's suggestion is easyer to do .. DO IT !!!! lach1

A good RC (additionally to the "normal" ones) is For example traying to move things with your mind .. imagining the procces will aid you doing it in your dreams

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PostPosted: Sun 21 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

You should try WILD so that you're already lucid when you enter the dream and don't need to realize it's a dream.

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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Mon 22 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

What The Krok is suggesting is that you practise mindfulness. To be aware in the moment is to be lucid. It is to awaken to the current moment. Remeber that you are trying to train your awareness.
It is one thing to tell yourself to remember to recognize you are dreaming, and only focus on the future, and another to train your awareness. The former is to simply tell yourself to be aware later, the latter is to practise this awareness. The best results come when you combine these practises.
In order to continually question reality, you need to have a high level of awareness. You must concentrate on the present situation.

If you feel that you are too stupid in dreams, it is a reflection of your awareness in dreams. Your consciousness is low. This is normal. You are not reflecting on things. This can be helped with meditation. With practise.

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Dream Diety
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PostPosted: Mon 22 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

MusicDreamer, situations like these aren't really that unusual; dreams are full of all kinds of oddities on a regular basis. The reason most people don't have lucid dreams (regularly) is that they don't have intention to recognize their dreaming or they aren't conditioned to question reality.

I would say the average person doesn't walk around during the day and periodically ask themselvers "Am I Dreaming" or "Is this reality?". As a result, can you really expect them to do it at night, in their dreams?

Thats the whole idea behind reality checks, to get yourself to question reality. It's all fine and dandy if you do some reality checks throughout the day; however, it probably won't get you anywhere unless you're making an effort to get into a state of mind where your always questioning reality....that or make reality checks so frequent and habitual they carry over into your dreams.

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