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The Hypnotist's Bible and anonymous connections

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The Hypnotist's Bible and anonymous connections
PostPosted: Tue 14 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

Open to any response. New to this site, but not to lucid dreaming. Had a dream last night in which I became aware, and confirmed it, like always, by taking flight. Somehow, I ended up in a bookstore in the night time city setting, in which this dream took place. Drawn to a book called "The Hypnotist's Bible", which turns out, is a real book. Just then a man, taking the form of a celebrity, came in and said that he was instructed to tell me to read this book which would 'unlock my powers' or something of the sort. I felt a bit cautious, because I doubted that he was really the celebrity, in which form he took. So, who was he, and who was his anonymous instructor? Also, there were some pictures in the book which made me wary. "Be careful, as there is some information of the dark arts, in this book" was either my own thought, or his words.. not sure which. Not sure if I should heed this advice, or write it off. Never had too much of an interest in hypnotism.. Anyone ever had an experience like this? Ever heard of this book.. the author's name is Delavar.. original book circa. 1935 I'm not sure if it's even available in it's original form. Research into the book revealed that some of my dreams cues were correct.. The book seemed rather old, and of substantial size. Which appears to be so, also a picture of the author struck an odd cord in me. Reformatted copies of the book sell for a pretty penny.

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PostPosted: Wed 15 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

I think this is one of three things

1.You had a psychic dream and I recommend you pick up the HB and read it

2. You heard it somewhere from someone talking

3. You saw it in a bookstore or a library and only your subconscious registered it.

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PostPosted: Wed 15 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

there are two options,
either your SC downloaded it somewhere.
or in your dream, you experienced some levels of the public astrals. Sometimes this can happen when not having a full projection, for example, you can see your own astral as in your dreams but one of the characters can be from the public astrals.

ohh and about the book
first of all hypnosis is a very powerful thing. I dont know this particular book but Im sure many people changed their lives through hypnosis. PM me for a nice link.
In any case, if thats what the dream told you, you probably should read the book.
The celebrity guy, is he still alive?

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PostPosted: Wed 15 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

Sounds interesting...
Who was the celebrity?

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PostPosted: Fri 17 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

Sounds Amazing, You should find this book,
Let me guess who's the celebrity,
Kurt Cobain.
Just a guess

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