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i have a question about sleep paralysis

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i have a question about sleep paralysis
PostPosted: Fri 23 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

sorry mods i don't know where to put this so if i have violated any rules just move or delete this post.

i have had sleep paralysis since i was just a kid (before i ever knew about lucid dreaming or anything... i thought it was just a nightmare) and it often times ends up with my astral body falling to the floor next to my bed. then i am stuck on the floor capable of very little movement. it's a very uncomfortable feeling. sometimes it feels like i am there for a very long and miserable time before i finally wake up. the other day i had my first LD after i had sleep paralysis and talked myself out of being afraid. it was great, so last night i tried to have another LD but just got the SP and ended up on the floor again! last night i tried not being afraid but nothing helped. i just dreamt that my dad came in and helped me up, and i was crying and i said "Are you my dad?" and he said "yes" and i said "then why didn't you say so?" and he looked at me and although it was his body, it was not him. i could feel it. very creepy!
does anyone else experience SP and then dreaming you're paralyzed on the floor or have any tips on how i can gain movement? anyone know why this happens? i would love for it to stop!!

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PostPosted: Fri 23 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

Sp is a vey very common thing, infact you will find that everybody in one way or another has experienced it. Its all part of the body shutting down so you can fall asleep.

You seem to have an expection though, the fact that you are aware of this every single time that it happens? at least the first time you are falling asleep, is this correct?

SP is a wonderful state once you learn not to be afriad, and let me tell you, there have been thousands of people out there that work on a tech called the wild tech to induce lucid dreaming, it would seem that you have a small short cut, you are already aware of it.

Have a look through the forum for information on WILD, you will find the tech very useful in creating lucid dreams every time you fall asleep.

now to answer your questions, how do you move.

Well you just do it. ( dont worry I hate that answer too) focus for mind and know that the world around you is a fabrication of your mind, that everything that you see feel hear and think is all created by your mind (for this example anyway, there will be people here I am sure that will arc up at that comment but to learn how to overcome restrictions work on this for the moment.). There are no rules other than the ones that you create for your self.

So its like this, your real body is asleep and cant move, but your dream body is not resticted at all, it would seem that you are carring your real body restrictions into your dreams. There are a few ways to get over this

    1. force your dream body to move
    2. understand that your dream body has no restrictions and therefor CAN move. talk yourself into it
    3. create a guide ora dream character to help you move (much like your dad)
    increase your lucidity using various techs you will find across this bored) such as
      yeling incrase lucidity now.
      2. rubbing yourr hands together (if you find you can move them)
      3. just focusing your intent
      4. asking spirit guides
      5 reality checks
      6. and so on

    using positive thinking before you go to sleep such as (" tongiht I will be able to move freely in my dreams) etc etc.

    Good luck, remember its all in your mind and YOU have the power to move, just trust your self, your the one keeping your self stuck.

You will find in future that this SP is a perfect que and hint for you that you are dreaming, which in turn will turn into a reality check and then into a lucid dream, dont wish for them to stop but learn how to use it to your advantage.


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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

I agree with TimeLess. What I can add is that you may try to visualise a certain action following your detachment from physical body e.g. you crawl out from your bed and...

Personally I don't have SP. Recently I switch from something close to SP into OOBE. I hear kinda thunder in the box and that's it. I immediately run far from my body and leave my room.

I have also good news for you. To my knowledge and experience things like vibrations, SP and that thunder disappear along with practice.

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PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

When you enter REM sleep your body has to be paralyzed to keep you from acting out your dreams. Sometimes you gain consciousness, but are still in REM. This causes sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis your body is still dreaming so you may experience things that aren't really happening. You may also feel, hear, smell, or taste things that aren't really happening.
The best thing to do it to not try to move, just visualize yourself leaving your body and entering a lucid dream. Or you can just go back to sleep.

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