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discussion about health related topics

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discussion about health related topics
PostPosted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

post tips about health and goodness , here are some of mine :
i have noticed fabric softeners, scented clothes soaps

are very very very very toxic, bad for the brain
intoxicating, and likely to promote ADD in children
don't use them,

some have noted if they wash anything used in such substances with only cold water 9 times, that ADD has dissipated from their young children's behavior,

organic soaps and shampoos are ideal,

am in fact so tuned into this poison that it just saps the goodness right outof me to even be near something washed in it, <mod>last bit removed</mod>

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PostPosted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

Thats very interesting

I try to stay away from scented soap, washing powder etc too but its because they can give me rashes, and even the smell of some of those fragrences give me a headache and irritate my nose. And they can really hurt my eyes too if the smell is near me, a while ago this girl was wearing a strong scented strawberry moisturiser type thing and she was sitting about 5 metres away from me and my eyes felt all kind of itchy and I couldnt stop rubbing them.

I agree that it is poison, I have no idea why they need to put so many different chemicals into those things

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PostPosted: Sun 22 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

I think the major cause for ADD is sugar.

Sugar is a very strong drug, yet , because it is so acceptable in our society, most people tend to overlook their addiction.

Think for a moment
what is it that makes you want to eat something sweet ?
Can you not eat anything sweet for a month?
Won't you get urges to get and grab some sugar? why is that?..

Sugar has an enormous effect on our consciousness, and if anyone truly cares about the clarity of his consciousness, I suggest recovering from the sugar addiction and also preferably avoiding eating any preserving substances and/or other chemicals.

Generally, about health, two tips that pretty much cover everything.

E - X - E - R - C - I - S - E

Feel good smile

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