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A diary to be used by all... The Nightmare Diary 2

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Naughty Mouse
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PostPosted: Mon 13 Apr, 2009  Reply with quote

I was carrying water, up to the other side of a suspended bridge, and had to give water to my father, when the barrel roles and makes him fall of the cliff. I start training to cross the bridge, along with a fellow friend of mine, but his father didn't train me at all, thus leading to me falling off the bridge. I plunged into darkness, and saw an old enemy, The Doppler Effect, who grabbed me and made me fly to a mirror. Realized I was dreaming, I went with all entusiasm, only to crash into the mirror, and open a passageway to the start of the dream. Can't explain why it was scary, but I think it has to do with the part which comes later...

I have others, but most of them are to confuse or blurry.

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dead dog
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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 03 May, 2009  Reply with quote

The worst would be the last.
a skinny little man that captured woman and children (including fetal childern) in a frozen cryogenic state. one in which he still had the abilit to torture, they still had the abilty to feel.
He seperated the mothers and children. leaving the mothers in fear for their children, crying out for them. They all felt each other and their pain.
I had the chance to kill him. Something inside of me wouldnt let me. The part of me that is a healer wouldnt let me do that.
I wish in that instance i had gone against what i believe in and killed him.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sat 09 May, 2009  Reply with quote

I had one nightmare, that repeated when I was 6, 9, 12 years old.
My lamp was sucking me. I ran very fast and managed to get to my parents' room. I don't know what would happen, if my lamp have sucked me, but something scary.

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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What is your worst nightmare?
PostPosted: Tue 16 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

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Hello, just wondering what people's worst nightmares were. Personally, one of my worst nightmares was one in which I was in an alleyway being beaten up by a horde of homeless people. eh

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 21 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

One of my more recent nightmares was basically me making eye contact with someone while I was in the stall of a public bathroom.

Me: "WHAT?!"
Other Woman, grinning: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I was locked in the bathroom after I got out of the stall and I ended up kicking a tray of something that the woman was holding. Then I woke up. neutral

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Magic Qwan
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PostPosted: Tue 23 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

A reoccuring nightmare I have is that my grandmother kills herself... The main emotion of the whole dream is grief, anguish, and despair. I really want to stop having that dream... but it I only know to RC if a DC ask me if I am dreaming... and that has only happend twice...

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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Fri 03 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

Must... discover... killer...

Downloaded Dreams wrote:
The Serial Killer STRIKES
An old nightmare... morbid... gory... short...

My mom is leaving for the weekend, I think 'whatever' but tell her that I've decided to sleep on the couch every night, and then wake up at 6:00 in memory of Marilyn Munroe... O_o the last normal part of this dream (well, normal for me)
I follow suit, grab a blanket, and drift off on the couch. I was proud of myself, no clue why. I didn't have a dream... (A dream inside a dream would've been EPIC!) but when I woke up, the clock said it was past 8:00 and I was depressed, because I slept in. This was bad, but not the worst part. The worst is about to come...
Out the window, I hear a neighbor mowing the lawn, but since this was in the winter, it was still dark out. I was wondering why he was, but when I looked in that direction, I saw nothing. Just heard it. Scared, I rushed to my mom's bedroom. Then, my mom came in and announced she was home early. I sighed a breath of relief, and came out, didn't see her, but my dad arrived, and as a joke, I ran back to her room. When I came out, I saw the two bent uncomfortably over neighboring chairs at the kitchen table. I tried to get my mom's attention, but that failed. I picked up her head, and there was a knife in her forehead, and her eyes were gouged out, almost inflated and put in place so they really stuck out, they were the size of a pool ball! Then I noticed my dad, exactly the same. That's when I woke up, scared.

***After listening to this story, my mom said she will lock her bedroom door in case I sleepwalk***

The Serial Killer Strikes... AGAIN
Just as morbid, less gory, and just as scary... but shorter.

Home alone again, or maybe my parents were dead, but home alone nevertheless. My friends wanted to come over, you know how it's going to end, here are the details of it. Yes, this and the last sentence were fillers so this post is longerrrrrr. So, I got a note saying to go to the kitchen and out the window, my friend's body drops in front with the same exact eyes. Scared, I run to the dining room where I see through the window my friend's body drop, again with those eyes and oversized vampire teeth... I'm scared... wake up. When will he strike again? Trust me, you'll be updated.

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PostPosted: Sat 04 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

I haven't had a nightmare in years. Sometimes I have dreams that are somewhat creepy, but I usually find those more cool than scary. I did have one recently that was kind of unnerving though...

I was in the car with my stepmom, and she apparently was really drunk. Because of this, we ended up running down like 6 people, including a couple of police officers. Then I spent most of the dream trying to escape from the people trying to find me and arrest me. Finally, I thought I was safe and I was eating lunch with my dad and my stepmom at a restaurant. Then suddenly I see a cop in the distance who has a sniper rifle, and he shoots my dad and my stepmom. He is about to shoot me too, but I close my eyes, which wakes me up. overspannen

I felt kind of bad about having that dream, because my stepmom is awesome and she would never do that!

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Music Obsessed.
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PostPosted: Sat 18 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

I was walking down the street when I heard this loud crash. I turned around to see a tall man in an overcoat staring down at me. He had a hat on, and I couldn't make out his face. He asked me "what are you doing here?! this place is not one you would like to be in." I turned to run, and found a wall blocking my way. " you can't leave now" he said "you just got here.." His hat falls off, and I see his face. It's a half decomposed skull, maggots crawling all over it. He reaches out his hand at places it on my shoulder. He bends down, opening his mouth so wide I can see down his throat. He leans in closer and I hear a scraping sound. as his mouth gets closer, I realize there are hands inside of it, clawing at it, trying to escape. I woke up so scared that I couldn't get out of bed.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

The worst nightmare I ever had was quite an abstract one. It also featured a tall man in an overcoat and hat. I was sitting in an old abandoned building with a wrecked wall (i really like those) when he walked from outside really slowly. There was nothing special about him but when I tried to focus on his face I felt that all the stuff I believed in was horribly wrong and that I have lost something very important without realising it. I'm pretty sure he had a face though. I couldn't wake up or leave this dream until he came close enough to touch me. When I woke up I had my first SP experience for a couple of minutes.

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Ebil Mew Idol
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PostPosted: Sun 11 Oct, 2009  Reply with quote

Mew151 wrote:
Errr... Gang members...

It was the first day of school. I sat down in a desk. A girl told me to sit by her. My desk suddenly disappeared. I sat down by her and smiled. I paid all my attention to the teacher, as she started to talk. Looked down to find myself sitting in the same desk as the girl. I smiled again. grin The teacher said that we could explore all the classes we were taking this year. I went into my science teacher's room first. He wasn't there. There was a large train set in the middle of the classroom. I suddenly started talking out loud on how it worked. No one was listening to me, as if they were all hollows. I walked up to a corner before I realized I couldn't go any further. I turned around to find another student in front of me. I said hello. He said nothing back. It was if I didn't exist. I wanted him to notice, so I said that I was in gifted reading, and don't see the reading teacher (whom everyone hates). He said I was lucky. grin I then saw a former classmate; he moved away last year. I approached him.
Me: I thought you moved away.
He stared at me blankly. He only had pupils, no iris.
Him: I was going to move away, but I wasn't.
He quickly snapped out of his zombie-like state.
Him: Now, get outta the way! I want to see the train!
I got out of his way. I wanted to say hi to my gifted reading teacher. I walked up to her and said hello. She didn't said anything. She didn't look at me. I said hello again. And again. And again. Still no reply. Not even a glance at me.

The next day...

I found myself in front of the school. I remember the exact position I was in when the day started. I started approaching the school, when I saw a read van pull in about a yard away from me. It was in the student drop-off zone. M came out of the van. He paid no attention to me, as if I wasn't even there. I started following him, into the building. Before we entered, I shouted to him, "Hey! I thought you were going to ride your bike!" I went through automatic doors, even though IWL my school doesn't have automatic doors. I found myself in my local wal-mart store. It was actually my school, but it just looked like wal-mart. dingy dingy dingy M was in a line, to sign something. You had to sign it to get into the school. He was next. He took a step, when a large man grabbed him! The man was wearing all black. I watched in horror as M tried to squirm away. The man looked very powerful, he looked like a professional wrestler. I took a step, while keeping my eye on the struggle. I bumped into someone. I looked up. It was a man, with all black on. He was african american, and had some sort of mask on. It only covered his mouth, it was just a flap from his shirt/jumpsuit. He grabbed me. I tried to squirm away, but he was much to powerful. I screamed for help. A middle-aged asian woman came out of nowhere and picked the man up! She save me. She then carried the man away from the school. I started walking towards where my classroom would be, if the school wasn't designed as wal-mart. I saw M up ahead. He was walking the opposite direction, and was caught by one of the men, again. The man was walking him towards the exit. As he passed by, I said to him, "It's okay! I was caught by one of those terrorists too!" lach1 The man looked at me, let go of M, and said, "Hey! How dare a (My grade, censored for security. grin ) grader call the (name of their "gang" it was something german) gang a group of terrorists?" He had a heavy german accent. He started chasing me. I responded, "Stalker! How did you know I was in that grade?" lach2 I hid in the boxers section of the store. I hid in a place no one would ever find me. The man stopped chasing me. I decided to stay there for a while. I heard someone say, "Halt!" very near. The dream world started to fade away.
I woke up, and took a deep breath. Good thing I don't have to dodge terrorists... gang members during school.

Here's an edit: I remember feeling the same fear before. I don't remember, but It's the kind of fear where you know someone can just grab you and take you away. The fear I experienced in the dream. When did I feel it?

That feeling of fear is what fuels nightmares.

...Do you think it's the fumes that are flammable or the fear itself?

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Explorer of Eden
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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

Haven't had a nightmare for ages, but here's one I had when I was younger. It was pretty scary at the time.

I was at school at 11:00PM. I was in the school hall with the rest of my class performing a dance routine. It was a slow dance routine, but instead ithe music was really eerie. Suddenly, I heard a muffled growling sound from the distance. I told my teacher that there was a sound, but she didn't believe me. No one else believed me either, so they continued with the routine. A few minutes later I heard the sound again, but this time is was slightly louder. I went up to the teacher and told them that I was freaked out, but no one believed me (yet again).

A further few minutes later the teacher called me over. She asked me to do a favour - I had to put these maths cards back in our classroom...which was on the other side of the school. Worst thing was, it was almost pitch black. I reluctantly accepted to take them back. I began walking outside the hall, staying close to the dim lights that were across the walls. It was incredibly vivid.

As I walked, I heard the growl getting louder. The louder it got, the faster I began to walk. It felt like the pathway was going on forever, so I threw the maths cards behind me and just ran. I felt everything fade to black at this point, as I saw these huge red eyes staring at me in the distance. It growled at me, and I eventually woke up. The scary thing was, I could still hear the growling sounds, even after I had woken up. They got louder and louder, and at one point the growling sound was so loud that I thought I would explode. Now I think it was a auditory hallucination.

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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

I had this dream last night, so I figured I'd post it.

Someone put me in on 3rd base for the World Series game, and we were winning by 1 or 2 points. The bases were loaded. The other team was up to bat. I was nervious. Ben K. yelled down from the stands for some support. I wasn't paying attention that close, and the batter hit a grounder to 1st base, and the 1st base men tagged 1st and threw it to 3rd, and I dropped it. Thus the runner from 2nd base already rounded 3rd, and the ball that was dropped by me continued to roll. It was rolling towards Home plate, and I kicked the baseball, trying to get it momentum, in order to pick it up, like I do similarly in Tennis. Well they said it was against some rule, and I ended up making them lose the World Series. And I felt extremely bad and guilty.

It was the feeling that my tennis skills had made me become terrible at other sports like baseball.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

My worst nightmare, (and it really doesn't sound that scary) is one I have since I was a small child, it keeps coming back, it gives me shiverings thinking about it.

I wake from another dream into a false awakening. I'm still a child and lie inside my bed in the house I lived in as a child, every thing is black and white. I know some extremely scary thing is walking to me, as sort of demon but I don't see or hear it yet. I'm so very afraid that I shout for my father at which point a become lucid but I'm too afraid to do anything. I regret shouting for my father, because if this is a dream the demon will surely take the form of him.
Then I hear my father coming, but I know it is the demon, and even know I am an adult and don't life with my parents anymore I try to scream for my father in real life hoping he'll wake me up.

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Explorer of Eden
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PostPosted: Mon 11 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

Here's another nightmare that I had:

I was at the playpark. At this time I had a fractured heel so I had to use crutches (which transferred over to the dream) Suddenly the Earth shuddered, and I saw all these people running away from something. I heard the shudders again, but this time it was louder. Then it gradually got really loud. I knew what it was...the most common theme to ever appear in my nightmares as a child...a giant. It started stomping, crushing all of these trees as the giant cracked the path. In my earlier nightmares I would run, but eventually get eaten (I didn't experience the disturbing process of being devoured until I was 10). This time I could not run because I was on crutches. Bizarrely, I managed to escape from the giant and was on the run through a narrow pathway. After escaping I appeared right where I started (at the playpark). My grandparent was there, and he was telling me about these flags. He said the flags were possessed by ghosts, and they haunted people at night. During this discussion the giant came over towards me, and then came over and began to bring his hand down to me. He grabbed me, and just as he was about to devour me I woke up.

A lot of my nightmares nowadays involve being devoured alive, and still surviving. It's quite disturbing actually.

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