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my first lucid dream!!!!!!!!!

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Novice dreamer
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my first lucid dream!!!!!!!!!
PostPosted: Wed 09 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Iwent to sleep early last night...actually fell asleep on accident not my plan at all seeing as I've been trying to wild every night. I woke up at 530 to take my lady to work. An hour went by before I was back in bed at 7.I didn't remember my dream when I got up, but when I got back in bed I just went straight to sleep. I woke up kinda hazy and sleepy and decided to pinch my nose and see if I could breath...I could barely breath.I realized I was lucid! I got so excited and went to jump out of bed, everything got dark and I decided to lay back down for a second. My entire body started to tingle so I pinched my nose and kept breathing through it. I then got up slow and went downstairs. It was completely different from what I new to be my house. (There was a mirror but I didn't think to step through it) downstairs I felt like I was waking up so I started spinning and it kept me lucid!!! I pulled up my hands to look at them but they where invisible I said to myself I'm going to see my hands and sure enough the next time I looked they where there deformed and with six fingers. I then tried to fly. Nothing happened but I thought about levitating and got a little bit up but went back down...I decided to change something the first thing I changed I can't remember...the second thing though was a black flower vase to a red one with different flowers.I then decided to go outside but on my way out I woke up...once I woke up I realized to late that I was in a dream still and went to a normal dream! What the heck was this double wake up???

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congrats...don't worry double wake ups are very common. You had a very Succesful first

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Locked this one since it's a duplicate thread.

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