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Feeling of falling when WBTB

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Feeling of falling when WBTB
PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct, 2009  Reply with quote

Hey all
In the past I have tried to LD but inconsistently, and just forgot about it.
But a few days ago, I woke up to pee at night, and when I was going back to sleep and relaxing, I felt my thoughts becoming very vivid (Hypnagogia) and half-dreamish. I got to the conclusion that I am going into a dream (by means of WBTB), and I started to feel my arms getting heavier and then my body was suddenly "pulled" strongly into what seemed to be dream land. The thing is that the being pulled/falling into the dream sensation was a bit scary and I woke up. Another time, I told myself "I am going to have an LD". The sensation started to appear again, and I relaxed, but then things got a little black and I realized I wasn't entering the dream anymore and was just awake.

The question is, how do I stabilize the passage from awakeness to the dream when using WBTB?

Thank you all

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PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct, 2009  Reply with quote

It's mostly a matter of relaxing, and passively obesrving what your mind may spawn. It's very difficult to visualize something on your own, so it's best to let it on auto and observe what your brain will throw to you, without trying to focus or observe any particular part.
Exitement can also keep you tense and awake, so take time to notice how you feel and relax your mind and your body.
Oh, and the more the sensations get intense, the closer you are to Dreamland, so try to just relax and enjoy the show, as it's all harmless ^^

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PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct, 2009  Reply with quote

and the more you practice the more used to these feelings you'll get. Then it will be easier to stay calm and passive while you enter the dream smile

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