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Most Realistic / Favorite False Awakenings

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Most Realistic / Favorite False Awakenings
PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

I wanted to see what people's most realistic or interesting false awakenings are. (I don't know if this has been done before or even if this is the right board to do so, but I thought it would be interesting.) To start things off, here's mine (which took place after an LD and 2 other FAs):

I open my eyes to see the normal, dim view of my dorm room. I laugh at myself for thinking the last false awakening was real. I realize that what woke me was the sound of my roommate coming in. She has returned from spending the night at home (which she did IRL).

“Hello. How was home?” I ask, sitting up. My voice is all crackly. “Argh, sorry, I’m losing my voice from this cold.” (Again, true IRL.)

My roommate sets down her bag and tells me about her weekend (her family, where she ate, etc). She then hands me a brownie she brought from home. I move to my desk and begin eating it, as it's past 11am and I'm starving. It is soft and crumbles in my mouth in sweet, chocolaty goodness. I suddenly interrupt her – “You know what? I’ve been having these false awakenings and I should probably do a . . .”

I fade off looking at my hands, which still have brownie in them. I was going to finish with “reality check" but that’s silly. “There’s no way this is a dream,” I laugh. “This brownie’s too delicious, for one thing, and you know how you can just tell that it’s real life?”

With this last word I wake up in bed, which confuses me - I was just sitting at my desk. I look around for my roommate, but she is nowhere to be found. I do a couple reality checks (can't breathe through clamped nose, normal-looking hands) and slowly realize that this is real life, and that was a dream. Even awake and fully conscious I can’t tell the difference.

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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

wow thats almost creepy, but that just shows how the details and taste of food is only as real as the strength of your belief. what if you could be in a LD and work on believing its as real as WL but with all the powers etc.

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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

Today! Today I had a really real 3 FA in raw !
My father touched my leg (It felt so real) and told me to wake up.
In this FA I said, it's not real it's just a SP !
In the next FA he did the same thing, and I woke up and somehow the dream fade out.
And in the last FA I woke up, and went downstairs to eat bananas.
I noticed that just in the morning I have thoose FA , oh and btw, my father woke me up after thoose FA.

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PostPosted: Mon 08 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

I have FA's all the time. My favorite has to be when I "woke up" and my pillows were gone. I spent the entire time looking for them!

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

My FA mostly have to do with going to the bathroom in the morning. One time I had 4 FA where I really needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to get up because I was too lazy. In the FA I went to the bathroom each time. Then woke up to find out I hadn't gone yet.... XD

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