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Just rest

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Just rest
PostPosted: Thu 03 Dec, 2009  Reply with quote

The obvious not-so-obvious fact is that dreaming happens usually while we rest.

If you are trying to lucid dream you will tend to be in an unrested state, that being conterproductive to the purpose at hand.

This is why many people that just "gives up" ends up having lucid dreams: They just relax about it and their previous intents and strivings flourish.

So remember: jump into lucid dreaming from a place of rest.

You can do an "I decide to rest." as you lie down on bed and then one of the many methods to trigger lucid dreaming.

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So true, I had to discover it by myself sadly lach1
Lucid Dreaming is obtained with intention and belief, not with thoughts; so there's no real reason to keep rambling about it when going to sleep, just let go, and enjoy whatever might come to you, as by enjoying you become interested, and you are much more prone to catch that dreamsign if you're looking around wink5

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