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Heroes: The Broken (Post-apoc fantasy Quest)

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Heroes: The Broken (Post-apoc fantasy Quest)
PostPosted: Thu 24 Sep, 2015  Reply with quote

Hey what's up, welcome to the first installment of a thoroughly terrible idea. Not sure if we have the population to make this work, but hey, I can try. Sorry for my bad writing.

Five years ago, the world ended. It wasn't like we hadn't been expecting it - the signs had been clear long before that - but like many of us I'd hoped it wouldn't happen in my lifetime. When the sage's ravings finally seemed to manifest it was too late. Like a firestorm the Void's forces swept our world, taking millions in just the first week.

Those who didn't die during the first onslaught soon succumbed to the ensuing chaos as man and beast slaughtered one another for the rapidly draining resources in the blasted-out streets of our cities.

Not I. The powers from beyond changed me. Warped me. Made me one of its own, yet I stand against those who would wish to make me their pawn.

My power is

[] Eldritch Litany. I see what lies behind the thinning veil of existence. Using words more ancient than the cosmos I can shift chance and fate in my favour or hinder those who would wish to do me harm.
[] Shadow's Light. Darkness has become my ally. My friend. Shadows bend to my will, the inky blackness forming tendrils of power I can use to slice to all but the most durable of materials. I can even step into them and travel short distances from one place to another or form them into a variety of constructs for battle.
[] Binding Word. It appears a minor denizen of the demonic armada has taken a liking to me. In exchange for some small part of my life force I can command a small imp to do my bidding. Those few who did not immediately condemn me for the skill speculate it might grow in potency as time goes on.

(Vote for which power you wish our protagonist to have, votes close in a couple hours. After that I write the next update + vote options etc)

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PostPosted: Thu 24 Sep, 2015  Reply with quote

I vote for Binding Word

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PostPosted: Fri 09 Oct, 2015  Reply with quote

Binding Word sounds like the power most likely to get the plot moving! smile

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