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Food in lucidity...

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

I just recently ate a blueberry muffin! It was the best blueberry muffin i have ever tasted. I have the flavor still in my mouth. It was very strange though because it was actually a wild and my friends were on the phone with me (3 way) while I fell asleep. they didn't wake me up. my dream they said only lasted like 10 mins but i tasted the blueberry muffin and they said that they were talking about me eating a blueberry muffin in my dream! it was very creepy. I ate it though and omg..I want another one! I want to try chocolate soon too because chocolate must be good in a LD as too what all of you are saying<3 mhm. now im getting all hungry.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 27 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

This is actually my next experiment for LDing. I want to find out if i go to sleep really hungry and pig out on a HUGE feast, will I wake up feeling full? Or, can i make some sort of tasteless object, like a rock, taste like pizza? Has anyone else tried this? If so, can you share your experience?

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Do a Rawr-C!
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Tue 28 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

Did I really not post in this topic already??

I LOVE eating in dreams. You can eat whatever you want and however much you want! One time I ate so much pizza in a dream, I was sick of it when I woke up.
Also had Q's cookies once. Those were awesome.
And Greek cookies...
and grass...
and people...
etc. devil

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Within, but without
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Tue 28 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

So, in a dream awhile back I actually ate something. My mom had a bowl she was filling with smarties and some chalk pieces. I noticed that the chalk looked rather shiny, almost mint like, so I tried one. Tasted like eating dust. sadblauw I wish I tried the Smarties now that I think about it.

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PostPosted: Tue 28 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

I ate 2 burgers in bk, it was soooo goooood!

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