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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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Average time
PostPosted: Sat 13 Mar, 2010  Reply with quote

How long is the average time it takes a lucid dreamer to reach HI, and to fall into a lucid dream?

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digital dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 15 Mar, 2010  Reply with quote

totally random(i get HI fairly quickly, but can never really use that to get an LD), i've recently nearly entered SP after about an hour(or that's what it felt like, i think i fell asleep and woke up from entering SP), but it didn't progress enough to enter LD and it's very dependant on what phase of sleep you enter, if you try it going to bed it'll take VERY long, if you do WBTB it'll take much shorter

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Tue 16 Mar, 2010  Reply with quote

In my experiences, I've found that it takes about half an hour to start having HI, and then about 15 more minutes for me to enter a dream. So, in total it takes about 45 minutes.

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