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Dream Sign Question

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Novice dreamer
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Dream Sign Question
PostPosted: Tue 09 Mar, 2010  Reply with quote

I need help. Correct me if I'm wrong but a dream sign is something that you dream a lot of right? Because a lot of my dreams are about video games, school, or weird combinations of houses I've lived in or visited (or maybe haven't ever seen in my life!). If yes, then what am I suppose to do with these dream signs?

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PostPosted: Tue 09 Mar, 2010  Reply with quote

In general, be more aware in their presence, wonderig if it could be a dream this time, since you dream all the time about those. To top it off, there's always a RC or two to make when you're wondering even more than that. wink5
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dream signs are handy because you can train yourself to do an RC when you see one

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