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Reality checks for glasses wearers

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Reality checks for glasses wearers
PostPosted: Thu 10 Jun, 2010  Reply with quote

So i was doing one of my routine RC's in my daily life and i thought of a good RC for glasses wearers.

So people that have glasses have perfect vision in dreams right?

So from now on during the day i check if my glasses are on my head by touching them, and also lifting them up and checking if my vision get blurred if i dont watch trough the glasses.

Is this a good reality check?

In my dream i will check if i'm wearing my glasses and i would realize that i'm seeing great without my glasses which is impossible and bam, i'm in a dream.

Anyone has any more good reality checks for glasses wearers?

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PostPosted: Thu 10 Jun, 2010  Reply with quote

I've also experimented with RCs using my glasses. I suppose that it may be tough for my SC to figure out exactly how my vision interacts with lenses. It's possible that I may not even wear glasses in dreams sometimes (but I'm not sure); for those who wear contacts, I think that would be very likely.

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PostPosted: Thu 10 Jun, 2010  Reply with quote

Hmmm, it sounds plausible. However I must warn you, the basis of all RC's is believing it could be a dream first. So if you just check for your glasses randomly, you'll probably find them there, as you expect to. The basis is always doubting reality first, remember that, and afterwards anything can work as a valid RC wink5

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