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Fast Flashing Hypnopompic Dream Still Images

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Re: Fast flashing dreams and seeming time travel
PostPosted: Tue 26 Jul, 2016  Reply with quote

Joygerm5683 wrote:
Upon becoming more conscious, the fast images started but were gray in color and had lines and such, for what I could make out. The best explanation I've come to is climbing a lighthouse staircase backward, or seeing it that way. I was standing still, but the images coming to me were flashing from right to left and seemed similar to stairs and lines that I would equate to a room or seeing the traveling in reverse if that would be possible. So hard to explain, but this is what it felt like or looked like. I'm always wishing that the images would slow down so I could make them out properly. I want to see them and feel agitated that they are moving so fast.

Yeah, I remember this phenomena from some time ago. Almost like a blurring, staccato-fast slide show of still dream images/pictures. This underlying agitation or flickering sensation in my mind seemed to be a part of if, as I remember. Over time, it seems to have slowed and settled down, where I can hone in on one image at least long enough to see what's what...and sometimes be able see the image unfreeze and start to move, like a small movie clip...and then, other times be able to go into the moving dream scene, briefly, and act upon it....and then, more rarely, other times be able to go fully into a WILD as I step into the dream scene completely.

All this to say, yeah....I've been there. And that, for someone who has had some kind underlying mental agitation/disruption for most of my life making things like meditation or slowing down the streaming, chaotic dream images enough to enjoy them seem impossible, it is possible. It just takes time and persistence. I remember hearing or reading something someone said or wrote one time which went something like "Nothing can stand in the face of persistence". It made an impact on me, given what I have to work with. I'm your classic hard-case. I'm all over the place, mentally....ADD if your looking for a medical classification. I can barely focus on what someone else is saying to me for even a few seconds at a time, much less focus on something like meditation for any reasonable stretch or the intent to have an LD. But, I've made progress! I guess what I'm saying is that, if I can do it....hell, ANYone can :D

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PostPosted: Sat 04 Mar, 2017  Reply with quote

I experimented this too! ❗😶

Sometimes, (the last time was like~ 1 week ago!) Im able to see a very fast slide show of still images (about 5/sec) when im awakening from a dream.

But they're quite random & that's why I have problems remembering them when I wake up (I use associative memory as a method of dream recalling), since I can only remember one or two and I can't relate them to all the others when trying to write them in my dream journal.

Now I think that it really sounds like a common thing amongst people! 😀

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PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2017  Reply with quote

I joined just because I had the exact description of this. Even down to the grogginess and headaches. Has anyone had any updates? I thought it was an acute seizure of some kind. It’s actually quite painful for me when it happens so I’m really not interested in discovering the “meaning” behind these images. It feels like these are random pictures being ripped from my brain as a small electrical impulse jumps around my memory. I didn’t understand what M.E. is, can anyone update with their thoughts?

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