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Why are you here?
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Lone Wolf Brawler
cookie lover
Koharo has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Thu 25 Feb, 2016  Reply with quote

*The wind picks up hurling the dessert sands every which way. Venturing through the sandstorm Koharo readjusts his scarf. Brushing a layer of sand from his goggles, he spots a small concrete establishment. Koharo enters the establishment...Pushing up his goggles and removing his scarf he emits a brief pulse removing all the sand from his hair and clothes. Koharo scans the dim lit room in silence...


Current LD goal(s): A man in a white room, very long dreads, he resembles me..He knows somethin..
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Knight Banneret
DeRuyter001 has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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Hetty: *putting her gloves on* Well, looks like we're the last of us. Janet?

Good Janet: *appears* Hello Hetty. How can I help you?

Hetty: Turn the lights out when you leave?

Current LD goal(s): Bring Respiral back to life!

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