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What's A Dream Guide?

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What's A Dream Guide?
PostPosted: Wed 18 Aug, 2010  Reply with quote

I've heard of the name, but never knew what it was. Actually I have this friend named Ricky who popped up in a few of my dreams.

The 1st one was at the beach and I was on the board walk, he walked up next to me and introduced himself. Next thing I know we're eating cotton candy, riding roller coasters, having a good time. Towards the end I got a ride on his Harley and we just laid flat on the tall grass looking at the clouds. We had a connection.

Since then he surprised me at my "family reunion" in one of my dreams, he put his hands around my eyes and hugged me. The reunion was taking place in a ballroom, and some of the people I didn't know at all. All of a sudden the dream turned into some sort of video and my great aunts and cousins were saying how they missed my deceased bisabuela. It switched back to the ballroom and a show was being performed and I was sitting with a few 10-12yr olds. There I met Luke Drunkleeburgen: he had white blond hair with blue eyes. I shook his hand and asked him "how do you spell that?" Before we could finish our conversation I woke up.

One time I even went looking for Ricky in a Hotel and ended up meeting his friends: one had a british accent, the other Australian, and the last was American I believe. They never did get him for me, but we sure had an amazing men's bathroom party!

Now a days Ricky only comes when I call his name and need his help with nightmares, lately I've been just viewing my dream instead of taking the time to control it and slightly wake up my subconscious. I simply keep forgetting! help! I miss Ricky

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