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My first LD experience and some questions!

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My first LD experience and some questions!
PostPosted: Wed 08 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

Hello ld4all smile
This night/morning i had my first LD! (That i remembered)

Little before story: I started reading about LDing like 5 days ago. What i first did was to watch one very short piece of info about how to WILD. It didn't even tell me that i should sleep first...
So of course that failed, but my goal was to have an LD so i searched "Lucid dreaming WILD" and that search took me here smile!
I basicly spent my whole day looking for information about LDing!
I found a very covering guide to WILDing and i was very exited to try it out!!
I also found something called "Auto-suggestion" which i thought sounded interresting and worth a try, so that night i went to bed and told my self something like "I WILL WAKE UP IN 5 HOURS" and then i would try to WILD!
But i put my alarm clock on 5.30 hours in case that would fail siiw .
But it actually worked! woo I was very amazed and proud!!
Although my WILD fail kind of epicly. I didn't know that i was actually supposed to "sleep".
The next day i tried to do the same thing, telling myself to wake up at 5 hours after i fell asleep but this time it didn't work so i was instead waked up by the alarm clock. I tried to WILD but it didn't work and i fell asleep instead.
At the morning i was kind of sad because i didn't LD and i almost though of giving up! (yeah i am like that).

And now to this night where i actually suceeded! :D
So, what happened was, on the evening i told myself "I will wake up after six hours of sleep" because i thought that maybe the reasons why i failed b4 was that i slept too little?
But that didn't work and instead i was awakened by the larm after around 6.30 hours of sleep! Feeling a bit down because of my auto-suggestion fail.
But i thought, yeah im awake so why not try WILD...
Yesterday i watched a video on youtube acout a "Stop, drop, roll" teqnique that i thought "yeah, why not try it!". It didn't work for me, either i did it wrong or it just wasn't a good method! I just gave up and tried to WILD normally!
The clock was around 05.15
And now to the dream!
The first thing that i remember was that i was in my school coridor, i was on my way to a lesson and there was a couple of obstacles and competitions in the way, just some simple ones but it took some time.
So! When i entered the classroom i though "Maybe this is a dream :O"
And looked at my hand, it actually was normal. But then i looked at a clock.
It looked very blurry, and thats when i understood i was in a dream!!! woo
I was like "Oh i must write that in my DJ" And kind of "looked down"
and thats when i woke up. 05.58.
I was both happy that i had a dream and sad that it was so short!
I wrote all of my dream down in my journal as was so proud of myself! siiw

My question is, do you think that was a WILD or some kind of a DILD because
i just "popped" up in my dream without seeing it form or anything like that and i never experienced any SP that i remember and i think i just fell aslep trying to WILD! Although i dont remember doing a RC b4 i went into the classroom. haha!

So thats my story! It was very long and i hope that you enjoyed it and read the whole text!

Thx for everything <3 siiw

Current LD goal(s): To have my first LD
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PostPosted: Fri 17 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

yeah, cool story! I think it was WILD and you falled asleep too fast.

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