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Alarm clock Induced Dreams?

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Alarm clock Induced Dreams?
PostPosted: Thu 20 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

Hi im quite a deep sleeper and I tryed to induce a WBTB, so i set my alarm to 5:15 and I woke up at 5:35 (my alarn didn't wake my up some how), I then later found out by recalling my dreams that my dream could only of been about 20mins, also my dream ended by me going to sleep in the dream.

Does anyone think that my alarm clock induced the dream because it didnt wake me, or was it just coincidence, kinda like the REM dream mask instead of a light maybe a sound?
Any thoughts

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PostPosted: Thu 20 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

It's fairly possible, this remind me when in a dream i took out my ipod touch from my pocket and told a DC i had to go... and waked up in RL..

INfo: This dream were a ND, but i got almost lucid after telling that i gtg to the DC, because in my mind i said: "Wait ,it is the alarm to wake me up for WBTB ,wait what.."

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PostPosted: Fri 21 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

The Sc can incorporate any number of things into a dream. Lights, sounds, smells, feelings, all of it can go into a dream without you even realizing it. Lucidity comes from recognizing that these things are coming from elsewhere rather than your immediate surroundings.

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