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What is the First Dream You Remember? Part III

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PostPosted: Wed 14 Mar, 2018  Reply with quote

The earliest dream that I can recall, also happens to be my first lucid dream. That day, I had gotten a copy of the then new book by Carlos Castaneda "Journey to Ixtlan." The idea of "setting up dreaming" was intriguing to me. I vowed to myself that I would try to find my hands in my dreams although I was fighting the flu that day.
I was dreaming that I was walking in the desert, which I often did, as I lived in Arizona at the time. The air was fresh as it had apparently rained in the last few hours.
Suddenly, an authoritative voice rsng out, ordering me to look at my hands. I looked around and didn't see anyone. Not being lucid, I didn't respond and chose to take the deemed to be the 'easy' (read 'lazy') road of remaining non-lucid.
"LOOK AT YOUR HANDS God damn it!" the voice bellowed. Startled, I looked at my hands, and at that moment realized I was dreaming.
Now that I was experiencing be awake in my dreams, just like the book, I than had to face what I wanted to do next. Just then, I noticed a cave in a nearby mountain. When I focused on the cave, I saw there were two people sitting in the mouth of the cave looking out.
The next thing I knew I zoomed to the cave and, within an instant, I was there with them. The two Native American men I had just joined did not seem surprised by my joining them and the older of the two carried on teaching his student about this very kind of dreaming I was doing. The wizened old Indian pointed out that I had arrived there by performing just the kind of dreaming he was talking about. He began tp teach both both of us about various techniques in traveling, etc. He closed by saying, "in this way, you can travel anywhere in the world you want to be in an instant. You can check on anything or anything. In fact, you can go to other worlds if you wish. Knowledge can be gained. But you must have discipline and strength to gain knowledge in this way." With that he dismissed us both (at least me) and I woke up.

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PostPosted: Wed 27 Jun, 2018  Reply with quote

I like the idea of this topic, but it's really hard to remember something like that haha. I mean, both early childhood experiences and dreams are by themselves something that our memory does not tend to treat well.

That said, I just remembered something...

As a young kid I often had recurring dreams. This one eerie dream came back night after night, and this lasted months, or years even. Basically my dad and I walking on a grass field towards a small lake in the middle of the night, everything pitch black. Behind us was a building and loads of people though: some kind of event going on. We were always walking away from them. Away from all the people, away from all the light, away from the world, away from safety. Every single time. Sometimes our dog would join the trip, sometimes this random girl from class. But most of the time it was just the two of us.

Or even worse, I was alone. Because my dad just vanished into thin air.

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When I was little, everytime I got sick or got the flu, the dizziness gave me the same nightmare every time. I would dream I was in a big grey empty room with low ceilings, and that a giant lead ball that reached the ceiling was rolling around as the room tilted in all sorts of directions, and I was always afraid I would get crushed by the heavy ball eek2

By far the earliest dream I can remember and one I will never forget. So vivid!

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