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SP into a LD

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SP into a LD
PostPosted: Sat 24 Sep, 2011  Reply with quote

I'm new to the forum and found the site about a week ago. My question is when I get into SP, do I visualize my dream to make it appear? Before, I waited for the vibrations and sounds to stop, and I would try to move my dream body and open my eyes and find myself in my room. I couldn't really move at all though.

And if I need to visualize the dream I want, do I see the HI form?

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Hi, welcome to the forum welcome

Yes, visualizing can help. The alternative is to passively wait for HI, but that trips some people up. I've actually found that imagining myself rolling out of bed really works wonders. Even more than that, if you do think you've really woken up/broken SP, make sure to do an RC. Even if you're 100% sure you're awake, there's a good chance it's only an FA.

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