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Preparing for Dreamsigns

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Preparing for Dreamsigns
PostPosted: Thu 16 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

Say for example you had a dreamsign about seeing people you don't normally see. How do you prepare for the next dream so that you will remember to recognise the dreamsign, and thus remember to RC.
This is hard for me because I don't see old friends regularly so how can I perform RCs associated with them without actually seeing them?

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PostPosted: Thu 16 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

As you fall asleep you'll need to plan on doing it. Set the intention for autosuggestion that the next time you see them, you will do a reality check. If you do this during the day as well it can help, and RC anytime you even think about them. You can also convert the autosuggestion intention into a MILD mantra, like "The next time I see X, I will do a reality check." I hope that helps, good luck ^^

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