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How to overcome subconcious' dictatorship?(half-lucid dream)

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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How to overcome subconcious' dictatorship?(half-lucid dream)
PostPosted: Sat 13 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

Hello everyone!

Last night I have a very unusual dream. This dream was sort of "half-lucid". Let me tell you the whole story ^^

I went to bed sth about 3 a.m., after very long day and with a lot of thoughts. I comfortably lied down on right side, relaxed muscles and closed my eyes. I wasn't even thinking about dreaming - I was a bit tired and wanted to fall asleep. When I was lying I've been thinking about many things, but with time I started to "floating away". I would normally fall asleep, but I still have some thoughts in my head and I became lucid (so I accidentally used WILD technique wink ). I felt the sleep paralysss with fully awareness (I thought to myself "it's a sleep paralysis") and "woke up" (like a false awakening) in my bed, the same way I lied down. I would like to add, that when I use WILD I always wake up in my bed in the same posisition as I was falling asleep, so I know it's a false awakening and that I'm lucid, so this time I also knew this from beginning.

So I woke up, with conciousness, in my bed. I said "now I'm in a lucid dream" and tried to get up, but I felt on my face, like my legs aren't properly working. I didn't felt the pain, I tried againt and this time I succesfully got up. I rubbed my hand, repeating to myself "I know it's a lucid dream, because I false awakenned in my bed after falling asleep and paralysis", and I was fully aware of the dreaming. I decided, that first thing in my dream will be talking with a some person (it's sort of my real life dream), so I tried to recall that person. It didn't work. There was very dark everywhere and it was night, so I thought that it will be nice to change the time to sunny day. I closed my eyes, imagined a day, said "I'd like to change the time to day" and I opened my eyes - nothing happened. I found a switch on the wall and tried to use it to turn on the lights, bud it didn't work, and I thought "oh, it's a dream, so the switches won't be working". Then, for a moment, I thought that maybe it's not a dream and I will wake up my family, but after a moment I thought, that I'm 100% sure it's a dream. An idea came up in my head - it's a dream, but somehow I don't have full control on it - and then I rubbed my hand again and tried to loudly said "I'm dreaming'. Guess what - my lips were like glued together, I couldn't opened it! I tried few times and succeded - I said "it's a lucid dream and I know that!". I went down the stairs, saw my parents preparing to go out somewhere - I thought "well, they wont be needed in my dream, so they could go". My mother held my dog - normally the dog has very long hair (Maltese dog), but this time he almost has no hair - I saw that that, laughed and thought "haha, he has a long hair in the real world, so this is surely a dream". I tried to change the time to day again - ineffective. I tried to recall a person - ineffective. It was like I don't have enough "power" to do that. Suddenly I closed my eyes in dream, and when I opened it, I saw my quilt - I know I woke up. I decided not to move so I could "land" into another dream, then, out of the blue, the quilt started to change into a cat (daydreaming?!), which jumped on me and grabbed my hand. Again have I realised it's a dream, so I imagined my hand is a gun and I will shoot the cat through the opened window - this time it worked. I closed my eyes again, woke up, saw the quilt (the same way I saw it before), but this time I moved and fully woked up.

This dream lasted very long, and as you can see, there was many times when I was sure and conciousness of the dream, but I couldn't use the power of the dream. The whole time I felt, like my subconcious part of the brain is trying to wake me up, but my concious part was bravely fighting. But the final part (with the quilt) was eerie and amazing - like I was strolling from reality to dream without any border!! woo I don't know what to think about it whatsthat

What was that? Was it a half-lucid dream, or was it a sort of lucid dream without lucid dreams' powers? And what's with the part, when I opened my eyes in real world, and the reality changed to a dream? What do you think, was it my subconcious task to wake me up?

And the most important question that I'd like to ask - how to let the conciousness fully overcome the subconciousness, when NORMAL ways (like reality checks, rubbing hands, realizing that is a dream and even fully critical look) don't work?

I would appreciate any help or answer, to my question or just to the topic. And thanks for reading - there's a lot of it as I can see now smile


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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

I had a dream yesterday that seems to be related to this in a certain way.
I haven't been lucid since I entered puberty though. So this was yet another normal dream but I was SO CLOSE but it seemed to do something like this too.

At some point in the dream I completely questioned everything around me (since I noticed real people were walking in a MineCraft world). I pointed it out to my friends and myself but I just couldn't gain lucidity which happens a lot in my case and which is a bit off-topic but it feels like my subconscious doesn't want me to do it as well.

I may not have fought as bravely as you have, shouting it out etc.. I've mainly just been looking around a lot comparing the environment to the world I know IRL but my subconscious just wouldn't let me have my first 'intentional' lucid dream. (pretty intentional after looking for clues)

Anyway. Gotta hate it when shit like that happens. It's like your mind is just forcing you to just sit it out and push you back into non-lucidity.

Kind regards.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

It was still a lucid dream but a low lucid dream. Normally for me, thinking about what i want in a dream never makes it happpen. What you need to do is yell and demand what you want. It sounds pretty...well stupid but it works.

When you woke up with the quilt turning into a cat ,you actually woke up into a FA (which really annoys me when it happens sadblauw ). To prevent these from happpening frequently, always remember to an RC right after awakening!

If RC's and what not doesnt work, tell yourself that this is YOUR dream, that YOU can do anything in this dream world because YOUR mind made all of this. Grasp dream objects and feel it. Feel the weight ,look at the texture, bask in its gloryness LOL. You basically drift towards the dream world and away from the real word so you can increase lucidity and vividness in the dream. Talk to dream characters. Etc etc. tounge2

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PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

I think the most important thing is to constantly remembering yourself that you are in a dream, and of course you need to back that up with a RC.

This morning I had a LD where I was trying to visit a place and I planed that through the doors, so when I see doors I will imagine that this place is behind them. I went through 3 doors and didn't succeed even once. The same technique you can use for recalling a person. [plan to do the same]

My opinion is that I still had doubts about that, and even small doubt about whatever in a dream can prevent you from achieving your goal. I think that in our case the level of lucidity wasn't crucial, it was just not enough experience and like I said before in my case there was a doubt!

Also, for achieving a goal it's good to plan every detail IRL, because in dream if you don't have a clear picture of what you want then you have problems...

But with more practice you will succeed! Good luck!

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PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

It was a fully lucid dream. Dream control is another thing and is not dependant on how lucid you are.
To enhance your dream control, read this guide:

Hope that helps.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 18 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

Yes i would agree it was a lucid dream but you just didnt have dream control in that dream

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 21 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

Thank you very much for your answers! smile
And I'm sorry that I'm answering just now (after a week or so) but I went on spontaneous vacation wink

AniCator wrote:
(...) Anyway. Gotta hate it when shit like that happens. It's like your mind is just forcing you to just sit it out and push you back into non-lucidity.

That's exactly what I thought about it!! Yeah, it's like mind doesn't want us to have full lucidity and control, which is on the one hand pretty awesome (brutal fight between conciousness and unconciousness), but on the other hand is shitty - I wanted to do many things neutral
Thanks for sharing your experience, hope we find a sollution to that problem, maybe in this dream control guide.

Best wishes!

You're right, I should remember to do RC after every awakening, that should help me get rid of false awakenings.
And as you said, I will demand my mind to give me control, 'cause it's MINE and only MINE dream! smile Thanks!

I had a plan of "what to do in LD", but I couldn't do the plan because I didn't have full control of dream neutral Hope next time I will recall what you said, make some RC, and try different ways to increase lucidity smile Thank you!

Thank you VERY much! smile I'm starting to reading now, maybe it will help me tonight!

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